Susan E. Horton

Reader’s Gallery—Scarves and Wraps with a Message

I sit in the lucky position of seeing the many beautiful scarves and shawls submitted to our Reader’s Gallery. Here are just a few.

Corn Pasta on My Loom

I’ve been getting a little restless, which may explain some of my culinary experiments. Not all have been successful!

Wrapping up 2020 with a Gallery and Giveaway!

No doubt about it—2020 has had its bumps. Let’s wrap it up on a high note. Send us pictures of your scarves and shawls that send a message!

Handwoven November/December 2020: Weaver’s Choice

Weaver’s choice refers to the times a weaver gets to choose between or among options as they work on a project.

Weaving in Code for the 19th Amendment

It may not be obvious to anyone else, but my Election Day shawl will be in honor of the 19th Amendment.

Sweet Orange Huck Towels off the Loom!

To finish on time, I needed to cut off my towels before I had woven all of the warp. Here’s my method.

A Transcontinental Dye Day

Mud dyeing is simple, safe, and fun regardless what age you are.

Thoroughly Modern Weaving: Handwoven September/October 2020

Weaving may have its roots in the past, but it is also a modern craft.

Prepare and Plan for Threading

The time spent planning and preparing for threading is time well spent.

Media Picks Handwoven March April 2020

Learn about the latest and greatest weaving books with Handwoven's Media Picks department. Here's what we reviewed for the March/April 2020 issue.