Join Us! Weave Together with Handwoven

Our first ever weaving event will take place February 25-29. Four days of weaving bliss!

Susan E. Horton Jul 18, 2023 - 3 min read

Join Us! Weave Together with Handwoven  Primary Image

Photo by George Boe

As a weaver, sometimes it feels like everything else takes precedence over loom-time, and you either have to schedule it or sneak it in. This year, Monday, July 3rd was a holiday for the staff of Long Thread Media but not for anyone else in my family. Although I usually do laundry and tidy up on Thursday nights to free up my weekends, knowing I had a free day on Monday when everyone else in my house would be working made it feel extra important to do so. I secretly plotted to keep the day mine and over the weekend did things to make sure my Monday was free including saying "no" a couple of times. In my head, I was saving it from any and all encroachments, whether they were jobs around the house or running errands. Why? I wanted some "me time" to weave without interruptions.

That type of special time for weavers is what we are planning for Weave Together with Handwoven. Think of it like this: Four days of weaving immersion, tailored for you, without interruptions from everyday life. Weaving bliss, right?

As I write this, we are in the midst of gathering resources, planning class schedules, contracting with fantastic instructors, and developing an all-inclusive weaving retreat for up to fifty attendees that will take you out of the quotidian and into the realm of fiber and weaving. Tired of trying to come up with something interesting for dinner? We'll take care of that, and we'll also take care of breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours. When we say all-inclusive we mean it, and that also includes your room and class materials fees.

Whether you are a small-looms enthusiast, a multi-shaft weaver, or both, or even just aspiring to be either, we are planning a mixture of 2-day, 1-day, and half-day classes that will:

  • Introduce you to a wide range of weaving techniques
  • Level up your current weaving skills
  • Develop your design capabilities
  • Inspire you

Attending evening events will be up to you, but we're planning a night with a fabulous keynote speaker, a games night, and a community night of sharing. The marketplace will be small but mighty, open when classes aren't in session, to provide you with just the right amount of retail therapy.

More details will be coming soon as we fully develop the event but I wanted to invite you now to Weave together with Handwoven at the Loveland Embassy Suites for four days of weaving bliss, February 25th through February 29th, 2024. Go here to learn more about it!

Weaving without interruptions doesn't happen by chance. Save the dates! Tickets go on sale on July 18.

Weave well,