September/October 2023 Call for Submissions: The Escenses!

Let’s see what we can do with color, structure, and yarn choice to bring out some of the color effects found in nature.

Projects to Weave for Halloween and Autumn

Seasonal weaving can mean motifs, but it can also mean color palette as shown in these autumnal and Halloween projects.

Ask Madelyn: How do you use a temple on doubleweave?

Madelyn explains how to use a temple with doubleweave.

A Shibori Fabric Bag That Is Easy to Weave and Dye

Download this free pattern from Patricia Springer to create a beautiful bag in woven shibori.

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Cut and Sew Tips for Handwovens

Cutting and sewing handwoven fabric is similar to but not exactly like doing the same with commercial fabrics. Here are some tips from our designers.

Overlaying Structure with Color

A simple twill can look more interesting and complex when stripes of color in the warp don’t line up perfectly with the twill.

5 Fun (And Free) Weaving Projects: Handwoven Towels and Placemats

Handwoven placemats and towels are perfect for beginner weavers. Learn how to weave placemats and towels from these 5 FREE beautiful weaving projects.

Women’s Woven Voices—Fostering Creativity, Community, and Compassion

The striking tapestry winding around the back walls of the marketplace at Convergence is the result of Brecia Kralovic-Logan’s vision and hardwork. Here she talks about her project.

Long Thread Podcast: Kris Bruland

Season 5, Episode 4: Begun as a side project, is a weaving draft library, collection of weaving software tools, archive of historic textile material, and weaving community—and Kris Bruland keeps looking for new ways to improve it.

Linen, Egypt, and Mummies

Flax is one of the oldest fibers used for making cloth. The use of it in Egypt dates back to the 15th century where it was used for many things--including for mummy wrapping.

Weave a Wonderland of WIFs:

Whether you're looking for simple but powerful weaving software, an enormous collection of unique WIFs, or a creative set of draft editors, invites you to choose your own weaving adventure.

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Idea Gallery: Double Knit to Doubleweave

Yvonne set herself the challenge of weaving a scarf that looks much like a knitted scarf that she loves. A link to her draft, pick-up instructions, and pick-up charts is included in this post.

The Origin of the Word Sabotage

Did you know the origin of the word sabotage is weaving-related? There are two competing etymologies, but both have to do with the textile industry.

Experimenting with Setts

After finishing a runner, I had warp left over to play with. I decided to do some sett experiments. Here's my method for changing setts with a warp on the loom.

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