Ask Madelyn: Blended Drafts Side-by-Side

Madelyn explains how to put 2 drafts, from 2 different structures, side-by-side in a single weaving.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Loom Safely

Wondering how to sanitize looms in a way that won’t damage the wood? Liz Moncrief has the answers.

I Had to “Get” Rigid-Heddle Looms to Appreciate Them.

I’m not sure why some things that are obvious to others aren’t so obvious to me. Here’s what I learned about weaving on the rigid-heddle loom that surprised me but wasn’t surprising.

Annapakshi–The mythical swan

Learn all about the mythical swan motif seen in textiles and art throughout India.


Video Workshop: Weave Turned Krokbragd on an Inkle Loom

Learn to use a simple inkle loom to weave delightful three-shed bands.

Video Workshop: Beginning Weaving with Tom Knisely

This course will cover the basics of multi-shaft looms, warping comfortably, planning a project using your chosen yarn, weaving tips, and much more!

Video Workshop: Tablet Weaving Made Easy

Get ready to start tablet weaving with John Mullarkey! This course will cover tips for the best tablet-weaving tools and materials, how to read a tablet-weaving draft, and so much more!


Nothing Says Happy Fourth! Like a Dog Leash

I might not have a holiday table, but I’ll have a Fourth of July dog.

A Trio of Techniques

Leno lace, Brooks bouquet, and Danish medallions are 3 hand-manipulation techniques commonly used in weaving, especially on a rigid-heddle loom. Here’s a primer on how to do each one.

Ask Madelyn: Warping Board Limits

Madelyn advises a weaver on what to do when a project requires more ends than will fit on their warping board.

Samples + Math = Project Planning

With my sampling complete, it was time to calculate warp width and length for my Sweet Orange Huck Towels

Molly the Barn Owl

What do you do when weaving inspiration strikes and you don’t have access to your floor loom? Learn how Debbie Dudley used cloth woven on pin looms to "dress" a felted owl of her own design.

Reducing Warp Widths to Fit Your Loom

Fell in love with a project, but it’s just a bit too wide for you loom? Don’t despair; there are ways to cut the width without compromising on style.

Ask Madelyn: Tie-Ups for Blended Drafts

Need help figuring out how to tie up blended drafts? Madelyn can help.

Summer Means Backyard Dyeing

Playing with safe and easy dyes seems like the perfect summer activity.

A Weaver Lives Here

I realized the other day that my house holds many subtle and not so subtle clues that a weaver lives here.

Iridescence on Simple Looms? Yes, you can!

Love the look of woven iridescence but don't think it's possible on a rigid-heddle loom? Think again!