Long Thread Podcast: Michael Cook

Season 5, Episode 2: If you're interested in raising, reeling, or working with silk from moth species around the world, the Wormspit website is for you. Michael Cook's explorations of sericulture bring this Stone Age technology into modern hands.

Backyard Dyeing Made Easier

I feel comfortable with dyes that I don‘t have to use in the kitchen, so these new tinctures are right up my alley.

Notes from the Fell: Twist

You can use a yarn's twist in your handwoven cloth to your advantage. Tom explores tracking and then spins yarns to test how it affects cloth.

Types of Weaving Looms

So, you’ve decided you want to take up weaving! The first thing you’ll need is a loom. Here are some different types of weaving looms and tips on how to choose your first loom.

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Handwoven Corrections 2013

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2013

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Black Cat Towels

Weaving isn't instantaneous! Start weaving these Halloween-themed towels now to decorate your kitchen or give to your friends this fall.

Crushing on Convergence 2022

I’m back home with 6 new books, 2 cones of linen, 3 skeins of something weird and wool, a stack of catalogs, a variety of gadgets, and more ideas than I could weave in a lifetime, but being with other weavers was the best part.

Warping with Handpainted Skeins

Handpainted skeins need to be handled differently than solid colored skeins or cones to keep the colors pooled in your warp. A circular warp will keep the colors together.

Ask Madelyn: What's a Block Weave?

Block weaves are structures in which groups of warp and weft threads can produce two different-looking interlacements, one that identify as “pattern,” the other as “background.”

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Fun With Finnweave

Once you get the hang of it, finnweave is quicker to weave than doubleweave pick-up. Give it a try!

A Shawl to Dye For!

Why not give dyeing your own warps a try? It isn't scary or really that hard. Here is how to get started.

In the Spirit of “What If?”

Sometimes I just want to play “what if” with an unusual weft. This time a bunch of plastic strips fit the bill.

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Planning a Weaving Project Part 3

You've gotten to the point of knowing what you are weaving and what you are weaving with, here's how to figure out warp length and how much yarn you'll need for your project.

Try this deflected doubleweave fabric for a bag or scarf—or both!

Weave this 8-shaft deflected doubleweave fabric that is stable enough for an evening bag and light enough for a scarf. You can even make a matching set.

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