Warp Once, Weave Forever: Handwoven May/June 2019

Take a trip down memory lane with these new WIFs in the Handwoven Library.

Ask Madelyn: Yarns and Setts

If the sett for plain weave using 8/2 cotton is 20 epi, does that mean the sett for 16/2 cotton would be 40 epi? Madelyn explains some of the nuances of yarns and setts.

Weaving a Good Rug with Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely is a master rug-weaver, and he has lots of insights to share. Learn how to weave a rug with Tom, with a focus on good technique and materials.

Using a Rotary Cutter to Trim Fringe

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best.

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Long Thread Podcast: Linda Ligon

Season 6, Episode 1: A fanatical weaver, Linda Ligon started a newsletter at her dining room table with an electric typewriter. Decades later, she's still in love with words on paper.

The Two-Pick Trick and My Two-Plus-Two Variation!

When you are weaving only two picks of a color, hiding the ends can be, shall we say, tricky?

Handwoven Corrections 2012

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2012.

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Layers of Air Scarf—It’s Magical!

Download this PDF of Janney Simpson’s 8-shaft deflected doubleweave scarf with shifting layers, pockets, and connections.

Paper Weaving—Intriguing and Inspiring!

Use paper weaving to learn about color combinations, color-and-weave designs, and even weave structures without worrying about warp tension, yarn choices, or setts.

Using Colors Sparingly but Effectively

A clever way to play with color in weaving is to use only a few colors to create more colors in the cloth.

A Clever Tip for Winding On

Need a new technique for your weaving tool box? Check out this video clip!

Idea Gallery: A Trio of Scrappy Projects

If cutting into handwoven cloth makes you break out in a sweat, read about these simple but fun projects that are stress free!

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A Pair of Ruanas to Make Your Own

Imitation is a form of flattery, and in weaving it pops up all the time.

Ask Madelyn: The Best Yarn to Use for Baby Blankets

I'm planning a baby blanket and am trying to figure out what type of yarn to use. What do you recommend for baby blankets?

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