Ask Madelyn: Fabric Drape

Three basic factors affect drape: yarn/fiber, weave structure, and warp/weft density. How can you design fabric with the drape you want?

Weekend Weaving: Weaving for Weddings

If you are weaving for weddings or other special occasions, consider towels. Nothing dries wedding crystal like linen.

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Reinterpreting Old Weaves for Today and Tomorrow

This article and tablecloth pattern from 1987 inspired Susan A. Bloomfield to design and weave her Monk's Belt Revisited towels.

Weaving that Soars!

Let your ideas take flight with the Spring 2024 issue.

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Weaving with Knitting Yarn

Bring elegant drape and modern flair to the traditional weave structures you love with the addition of “knitting” yarns.

Weaving’s Grand Masters: A Cage Match

Why choose when you can learn different techniques from each of them?

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Handwoven Spring 2024 Web Extras

Access the web extras and subscriber-exclusive downloads for the projects in this issue of Handwoven magazine.

Pick-Up Bands Two Ways: Try Inkle and Backstrap Woven Bands

Try bandweaving with this free PDF, which includes two band patterns with full instructions for weaving them on either an inkle loom or using a backstrap weaving setup.

I Spent Years Avoiding 10/2 Cotton, and Now I Regret It

All these years, I had avoided weaving projects for 10/2 cotton. Now, that’s all I want to weave.

Notes from the Fell: Can You Have It All?

Tom Knisely uses the idea that less is more when planning a new project.

Long Thread Podcast: Justin Squizzero

Season 8, Episode 8: From his studio in the garret of his New England farmhouse, Justin produces the kind of cloth that would make weavers in every century sigh in admiration.

Silk and Natural Dye Talks at Weave Together with Handwoven

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, join us for free presentations and a trip to the marketplace.

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Weave with Leaves

Learn how to use daffodil stems, iris leaves, and even daylily leaves in your weaving.

Ask Madelyn: Broken Warp Thread Woes

There are several factors to consider when you are determining the cause for broken warp threads. First and foremost is to locate where the break actually occurs in the threads.

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