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Wrangling 5 Shafts From A 4-shaft Loom

Ever wonder about those 5-shaft drafts you see from time to time? Here's an interesting idea about how they were woven.

Readers’ Submissions Are the Core of Handwoven

Download Handwoven’s submission guidelines for articles and projects.

Like Disappearing Ink

Here’s the story of how Linda’s son got lost in Tunis and discovered a not-quite-magical cloak.

Yarn Lab: Italian Silk Noil

Defying tradition, GIST Yarn & Fiber’s Italian Silk Noil, drawn from the broken lengths of reeled silk, is a three-ply, loosely spun yarn that travels a different road to warm, soft, textured fabrics.


Experimenting with Raffia on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

I've wanted to weave with raffia for a long time and the new kind of raffia that is on the market now seems perfect for placemats.

BeWeave It: A Brief History of Harvesting Spider Silk

If you've ever looked at a spider's web and wondered what it would be like to weave with that beautiful, fine thread, you're not alone!

From Guinevere to Sally Field: A History of Wimples

When European soldiers came back from the Crusades they brought back more than just spices and silks, they also brought back the hijab which was then modified into the wimple and became the must-have head wear for queens and nuns alike.

Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving

Rebecca Mezoff's little tapestry book, Untangled might be just what you need to get your tapestry weaving on track.

Take Some Baby Steps Out Of Your Warping Comfort Zone

You may have some tried and true methods of tying on that you are comfortable with, but here are some that I use that you may want to consider.

Hearts 'n Bones: The Perfect Scarf for Skeleton Season

October is the start of skeleton season! Why not weave up a Hearts 'n Bones scarf to celebrate?

When Weaving Plans Take a Detour

Sometimes better things happen when you have to change your plans.

You've Gotta Love What You Can Weave with a Four-Shaft Loom

It's hard to please everyone all the time, but I think you will agree with me that this is a beautiful collection of 4-shaft handwoven scarves.

More Than Just Great Paper

We all know the new November/December 2019 issue is printed on great paper, but what about the projects and articles printed on those extra-thick and beautifully white pages?

Handwoven September/October 2020 Call For Submissions

We think weaving is on the upswing! Send us your projects and articles about Thoroughly Modern Weaving!