From the Editor: Handwoven November/December 2019

Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes things come full circle.

Call For Submissions: Handwoven November/December 2020

Have a project that looks interesting on both sides? Maybe it would be perfect for this issue we are calling Dynamic Duos!

Loving Fabric

Sometimes you need to be reminded just how beautiful fabric can be and how great it is to be a weaver.

The Weaving Hall of Fame

Who would you nominate for a Weaving Hall of Fame? Here are Sherrie Amada Miller's picks.


Egyptian Textiles on Display

While they're mostly known for their carvings and paintings, ancient Egyptians also created beautiful textiles. A selection of these gorgeous textiles are currently on display at the Textile Museum at George Washington University.

Cutting Warps in Half

Multiple color changes in a warp can be frustrating. If your warp repeats, you may find this shortcut useful.

Notes From the Fell: Some Thoughts about Borders

Borders on items like rugs, runners and blankets can vastly improve them in the same way that a frame can improve a painting.

Endnotes: Remembering the Assistant Editor

Over the years, assistant and associate editors have played a big role in keeping the Handwoven ship afloat.

Yarn Lab: Swedish Yarns

Becky Ashenden wove with two lesser-known Swedish wool yarns for this Yarn Lab.

Speed Weaving

Is weaving quickly something to strive for?

Traditions: A Joy and Pleasure to Use - Norwegian Kitchen Linens

We know a lot about Norwegian weaving that is special, but what about traditional everyday house linens?

65 Roses Scarves

Robin Wilton and Susan Du Bois put together a few different things they learned from Handwoven to design some very special scarves.

A Sunny Scarf for a Dreary Day

When the weather is gray, bring some color to your world with Elisabeth Hill’s bright and happy Grellow and Yay scarf.

Idea Gallery: Weave a Memory

Learn how Daryl Lancaster uses the Theo Moorman inlay technique to turn family photographs into handwoven heirlooms. (From Handwoven September/October 2019)