Travel without Leaving Your Loom Bench!

Our March/April 2022 issue is all about inspiring parks and museums and just in time for you to make some summer plans—unless, like me, you are planning some loom time.

Wavy Weaving

Interested in using a wave stick or wavy beater but don't know where to start? Liz Evans breaks down her strategies for wavy weaving.

Jannie Taylor: Shadow-Weave Aficionado

I knew Jannie was an accomplished weaver and teacher, but what I didn’t know was the extent of her drive to learn about weaving, today and in the past.

Long Thread Podcast: Amy Norris

In our lifetime, computers have connected artists to each other and opened a world of design possibilities. But although she's a leader in digital connections and explorations, Amy Norris is committed to the support of the weaving community's foundations.

Tensioning “Lazy” Warp Ends

Even the best of weavers have the occasional slack warp end. Here are some tips on fixing them.

How to Correctly Cut Thread

Best practices are a must for working efficiently with fiber. Read these tips and instructions for better thread cutting.

Refresh Your Weaving Knowledge with this Twill Glossary

I went looking for and found a twill glossary in a back issue of Handwoven.

Spotlight: Yan Zhang, Li Textile Warrior

Learn how Yan Zhang is helping to keep traditional Li weaving alive and thriving.

Valuable Value Strategies

Our eyes are better at seeing color than distinguishing values, and values are an important component of not only shadow weave but other weave structures.

Long Thread Podcast: Jennifer Moore

Season 4, Episode 5: From her first encounter with doubleweave, Jennifer Moore was enchanted. The structure has not only formed her art practice and teaching repertoire but also led her to the heights of the Andes and the history of pre-Columbian art.