Long Thread Podcast: Cassie Dickson

Season 3, Episode 8: Cassie Dickson is leading her part of a textile craft revival—and we're invited to join in.

Fall Into Autumn Weaving

Looking for weaving patterns to welcome in the cooler weather? Get your fall weaving inspiration here and preview the new Autumn Weaving Pattern Pack!

Colorful Shadow-Weave Napkins

When most of us think of shadow weave, we probably imagine cloth with just two colors, the light color and its darker “shadow.” Jan Barbieri's Colorful Shadow-Weave Napkins turn that idea on its head.

Joining Pin-Loom Pieces on the Loom

Joining pin-loom pieces together during weaving is quick, easy, and results in a beautiful finish.

Handwovens That Say "Welcome To Thanksgiving"

Every year as the date approaches, I wish I had an autumn-themed runner, towels, or new handwoven napkins. With a little bit of discipline and maybe a purchase of some yarn, I plan on weaving at least one of those items for this year's celebration.

Weave These Color Trends

This year's autumn/winter colors might be exactly the inspiration you've been looking for.

Handwoven Couture: Ebba von Eckermann

You may not have heard of her but handweaver and couture designer Ebba von Eckermann was influential in the fashion world in the mid-century.

A Gourd-geous Pin-Loom Pumpkin

Christina details how she wove up a cute little pin-loom pumpkin.

Somewhere in Time

Carol Irving wove a beautiful two-sided rug using special yarns and shaft switching.

Ask Madelyn: Introduction to Towels

Is there a best yarn or structure for a handwoven towel? Madelyn gives her opinion.