When is a Plaid a Tartan?

Are the terms plaid and tartan just different names for the same thing? Well, it's complicated!

Beyond the Loom: Tools and Equipment

Everyone knows you need a loom to weave, but what are the other essentials a weaver needs?

Better Ways of Twisting Fringe

I’ve heard it said that the front door of a house can tell you a lot about the actual house. I believe the same can be said about fringe and the finishing of a weaving project.

Subscriber Exclusive

Coping with Harness Envy: Reducing Multi-shaft Drafts to 4-shafts

It's frustrating to love an 8-shaft pattern when you only have a 4-shaft loom. In this article from March/April 2018, Madelyn describes how to reduce 8-shaft twill drafts to 4-shafts. We tried her methods on some recent drafts, check out our results!

Handwoven November/December 2022 Web Extras

Access the free web extra downloads for the projects in this issue of Handwoven magazine.

Free Blanket and Throw Patterns

Download this free booklet that includes three 4-shaft blanket and throw patterns: a lush alpaca blend blanket, a twill gamp that doubles as a throw and twill study, and a set of coordinating pillows and blanket.

The Adopt-A-Native-Elder Navajo Rug Show & Sale: Supporting Indigenous Weavers for 33 Years

This is the story of the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program and how the annual Navajo Rug Show & Sale is a tale of love for Navajo weavings and the Navajo elders who weave them. Join the story on November 11, 2022!

September/October 2023 Call for Submissions: The Escenses!

Let’s see what we can do with color, structure, and yarn choice to bring out some of the color effects found in nature.

Projects to Weave for Halloween and Autumn

Seasonal weaving can mean motifs, but it can also mean color palette as shown in these autumnal and Halloween projects.

Ask Madelyn: How do you use a temple on doubleweave?

Madelyn explains how to use a temple with doubleweave.