Finding Weaving Inspiration Close to Home

You can find inspiration for weaving projects in unlikely places. Join Tom as he uses his time at home and in his yard to explore everyday objects with design potential.

Bedtime Stories with Tom Knisely

Sometime during this lockdown, my 3-year-old son developed a new obsession: Tom Knisely.

Free Project: Baker’s Bread Bag

It seems like everyone is nurturing a sourdough starter and baking bread these days, so why not weave up a beautiful bag to keep it in?

Weave Krokbragd on an Inkle Loom (it's easy and delightful)

What's as easy as plain weave but makes intriguing patterns? An inkle weaving technique known as turned krokbragd.

Handwoven Corrections 2016

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2016.

Call for Submissions - Handwoven March/April 2021!

Spring 2020 is hard, so I want to start thinking about Spring 2021 and our Mid-Century Modern Design issue. We want to see how you interpret the great designs of the 50s and 60s!!

Free Project! Weave a Tapestry Cuff Bracelet (or Twenty)

By the end of the day, I don’t have the energy to warp my loom. Fortunately, there are options for looms that don’t require hours of warping or careful planning: frame looms.

Freedom in Weaving

When I sit down to weave, I sometimes have a stated purpose, but other times I weave simply for the pure joy and release of unrestrained weaving.

Chaos Theory for Weavers

Does yarn sense your mood? If not, then how does it know to tangle when you are in a hurry?

Weave Your Way through Easy Weaving with Little Looms

One of my goals when creating each issue of Easy Weaving with Little Looms is that the projects are diverse enough that folks can build their skills by weaving through them. The 2020 issue is no exception.