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BeWeave It: Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is more than just a pretty face. It's a type of bobbin lace with a long history and ties to Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.

Loom Alone

You might be familiar with the eye roll I get on the rare occasions when I ask someone to help me wind a warp on my loom.

My Father’s Daughter: Rug to Runner

What better way to honor her father, Tom Knisely, than with a beautiful handwoven runner inspired by a project he wove and published in Handwoven years ago?

Spin Off, Handwoven & PieceWork Come Home

Since beginning her independent craft publishing project in 1975, Linda Ligon saw the weaving, spinning, and needlework magazines move to bigger and bigger offices. But there’s no place like home.

Moving the Fell Line Forward

Sometimes it's best to advance your warp, move your fell line, and keep looking forward.

Reading 200 Ask Madelyns

Reading 200 Ask Madelyns may make you a better weaver.

Ask Madelyn: Best Way to Tie Treadles

I usually tie up the treadles the way the tie-up in the article shows them. This often seems to mean that the tabby treadles are tied up on the left side and therefore I need to use my left foot for both of them.

If You Can’t Be Perfect, Be Consistent: The Efficient Weaver Course with Laura Fry

Become a more efficient weaver starting with watching this new course featuring Laura Fry. You’ll be surprised to find there’s a whole world of weaving tips and techniques you didn’t know about.

Ask Madelyn: Structures for Acrylic Baby Blankets

I would like to use up this yarn by weaving baby blankets for a local Project Linus chapter.

The Souvenir Skein – Is There Enough Yardage for a Scarf?

Of course, you could just go ahead and buy that pretty hand-dyed skein and hope for the best; but with a little math you might be able to actually use it as you envision.