A Weaver’s Journal of Endangered Wildflowers

Carol Irving took a friend's weaving challenge and ran with it. The end result was a series of tapestries based on Michigan's endangered wildflowers.

Ask Madelyn: Sample, Sample, Sample

Madelyn explains her sampling process—it might surprise you!

Wrapping up 2020 with a Gallery and Giveaway!

No doubt about it—2020 has had its bumps. Let’s wrap it up on a high note. Send us pictures of your scarves and shawls that send a message!

Call for Submissions—Handwoven September/October 2021!

Details sometimes make all the difference in photography and in weaving.

Ask Madelyn: Reading Drafts

Madelyn explains step-by-step how to read an extra-long, extra-complicated draft.

Making Connections through a Weaving Exchange

Because of the foresight and hard work of Penny Morgan, 56 weavers were able to connect this summer through a mail-in towel exchange.

Get Ready for the Holidays—Little Looms Holiday

Just because it’s still autumn doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about the winter holiday season!

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Rug and Ski

In this second entry in our shuttle series, Liz Moncrief covers her favorite types of weaving shuttles, rug and ski.

Handwoven November/December 2020: Weaver’s Choice

Weaver’s choice refers to the times a weaver gets to choose between or among options as they work on a project.

Ask Madelyn: Twisting Texsolv

Is there a reason you’d want to twist your Texsolv heddles? Madelyn weighs in!