Raffia Then and Now

The raffia I knew as a kid is not the same raffia that you can buy today.

Taming the Woven Edge

Weavers the world over always worry about their selvedges! Here’s some tips from former posts.

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Try Garden-based Weaving! Daylily Mats by Melissa Schubert

Have you ever looked at long leaves and wondered if you could weave with them? Melissa Schubert did, resulting in these beautiful mats with a cotton warp and daylily leaf weft. Download the pdf for project and leaf preparation instructions.

Ode Alpaca Weaving Yarn: Pretty Inside and Out

For the November/December 2023 Yarn Lab, Christine Jablonski wove 9 samples using Ode Alpaca Weaving Yarn, but we only had room in the issue for 7! Here's an expanded version that includes all 9. This may be your new favorite wearables yarn!

I Can Help You Write Your 2024 Weaving Resolutions!

Your crafting life can really benefit by reimagining resolutions as things you want to do.

Ask Madelyn: Using Two Thread Sizes as One

If you have one thread that is half the size of the other, how can you use it in warp and weft?

All You Need for Shadow Weave

If your loom has four shafts, you are probably sometimes disappointed to see projects in Handwoven that require six or eight. With many weaves, four shafts can’t do what more can. With shadow weave, four are all you need!

Is Linen Stronger When It’s Wet?

I have always heard that linen is stronger wet than dry, but I started wondering about it. Is it true and if so, why?

Weaving Away the Winter Blues (and Grays)

What better way to spend chilly winter days then happily weaving away at a warm loom?

Handwoven January/February 2024: Exploring Bast Fibers

One of the fun things about fiber-specific issues is finding out about fibers you’ve never heard of.