A Colorful Scarf Based on a 30-Year-Old Photo

I love seeing how weavers interpret their sources of inspiration, and that was the case for the Shifting Shadows Scarf in the May/June 23 issue.

“Learning to Weave” Turns 40

Many weavers “grew up” with Deborah Chandler’s “Learning to Weave” book at their side on the loom bench. Jane Patrick was the editor and an enthusiastic supporter of the book.

Warping Steps for Multi-Shaft Weavers

Learn the three main methods for warping a loom, including the pros and cons for each. Warping a loom doesn't have to be intimidating! Here are three free PDF downloads to help you get started.

Long Thread Podcast: Daryl Lancaster

Season 7, Episode 5: From her childhood sewing beside her tailor mother to decades teaching weavers to make great garments, Daryl Lancaster has never had a bad day at the sewing machine—and she says you shouldn't fear the scissors.

5 Free Handweaving Projects You'll Love

Learn how to read weaving drafts and expand your repertoire of handweaving techniques with the five multi-shaft loom & rigid heddle loom weaving patterns and weaving tips in this FREE eBook!

All Access Exclusive

Advancing Waves Scarf

Using an advancing twill threading and treadling with pastels in the warp and a darker weft, Barbara Goudsmit created a scarf with movement and sparkle, almost like the waves it was named for.

The Perfect Towel

What makes one handwoven towel better than the next? Tracy has some theories and explains her process of weaving "perfect" towels.

Join Us! Weave Together with Handwoven

Our first ever weaving event will take place February 25-29. Four days of weaving bliss!

5 Fun (And Free) Weaving Projects: Handwoven Towels and Placemats

Handwoven placemats and towels are perfect for beginner weavers. Learn how to weave placemats and towels from these 5 FREE beautiful weaving projects.

Call for Submissions: Handwoven May/June 2024—Rugs, Rug Structures, and Asymmetry

Our summer issue will concentrate on rugs and rug structures and a subject that is somewhat off-center: “Symmetry is Overrated.”