Visible Mending for Weavers

Who knew visible mending would become a thing? I would never have foreseen it, but I’m all in ... with handwovens.

Colored Cottons—Without Dye!

I was shocked to learn that cotton grew in more colors than just white. Since then I’ve learned a lot more about naturally colored cottons and even bought a few cones of my own.

Subscriber Exclusive

Handwoven Towels: Common Sizes and Types

From guest towels to beach towels, you can weave towels in any dimensions you wish, but it's helpful to know some basic sizes. For subscribers, I've also included three towel patterns to jumpstart your next project.

Ask Madelyn: All About Tie-ups

Tie-ups can look different depending on what resource you are using. Madelyn explains how to decipher them!

Ikat: A World of Compelling Cloth

If you are looking for a great fiber-art show, this one at the Seattle Art Museum this spring might be just the ticket!

Yarn Selection for Deflected Doubleweave

Many weavers aren’t sure what yarns to pair with drafts. Janney Simpson gives advice for DDW that you may want to incorporate for other structures as well.

Weaving Curves with a Wave Stick

Plain weave can curve and undulate if you bend the weft as you weave using a wave stick. It's a tool you can make yourself or buy and it's a whole lot of fun!

Janney Simpson—Learning to Weave with Intention

Many weavers remember how they got started weaving, and Janney Simpson is no exception. Read about her path from her first project to becoming a teacher and developing her own weaving style.

Long Thread Podcast: Lynda Teller Pete

Season 6, Episode 4: A fifth-generation Navajo weaver, Lynda lives in two worlds: the world of a traditional Navajo woman weaving exquisite textiles, and the world of book author, curator, board member, world traveler.

Cross-Continent Collaboration

Not all weavers are great sewists so sometimes it's a good idea to ask for help as Ellen did! The resulting skirt shows off the beautiful cloth in a striking style.