Notes from the Fell: Caring for Your Reeds

Reeds are an important accessory to a loom but they are also exchangeable and you will probably need more than one. Here is Tom talking about reeds and how to care for them.

Nancy Crampton's 4-shaft Bunny Band Draft

Download this free pdf for weaving a bunny band on a 4-shaft loom

Call for Submissions! Handwoven September/October 2022—“Cut and Sew”

If you have thought about it but never actually done it, now might be the time to try sewing with your handwoven cloth.

Handspun Hope: A Fiber Story from Rwanda

Learn Handspun Hope, a yarn handmade in Rwanda and the women behind it.

Running Weaving Bluelines in My Head

I look at my own weaving in a different way than I look at others’ work, and that’s how it should be.

Yarn Lab: Camilla Valley Farm 2/16 Worsted-Spun Wool

Camilla Valley Farm’s line of 2/16 worsted-spun wool yarns are some of the finest weaving yarns I have encountered. By fine I mean thin, but the term also applies to the quality. If you want to weave a traditional tartan, this is the yarn to use.

Dyeing Play Silks

Play silks are colorful bits of silk that children can use for open-ended play. They’re perfect for dress up, making pirate flags, and so much more. They’re also simple to dye on your own.

Weaving While Neurodivergent: On Finishing

Sometimes ADHD can make finishing even a simple project seem insurmountable. Here’s how Christina has worked with her brain to overcome this anxiety.

Laura Fry - The Impatient Weaver

Knowing she is impatient, Laura looked for ways to be an efficient weaver. She doesn't hurry but she looks for better ways of working.

BY: Laura Fry

Dreaming of Winter

Already planning for winter and the upcoming holidays like Christina? The newest Easy Weaving with Little Looms Holiday can help you out.