I May Be Sampling Wrong

I’ve always sampled with a project in mind, but maybe I should be sampling based on the yarn itself.

An Emerald Green to Dye For

This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about the color green, specifically, the emerald-green dye put out by the Wilhelm Dye and White Lead Company.

Spotlight: Nevan Carling

A Passionate Champion for Loom-Building Traditions

Warping Board Ergonomics

Here are some tips for positioning your warping board and winding a warp that may help you prevent repetitive-strain caused injuries.

Ask Madelyn: Changing setts when changing weave structures

When you rethread your heddles for a new weave structure, what should you do about the sett in the reed?

A Shawl that Honors the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Whitlynn Battle wove a shawl to honor a museum and national park that is important to her, and to me.

Washing Dos and Don’ts

Did you know that common laundry detergents and softeners might be harming your handwovens? Here’s the scoop on how to wash your cloth better.

Traditions: Inspired by Sashiko

Inspired by a beautiful piece of silk fabric from her stash, Phyllis wove fabric to coordinate with it using drafts she developed that mimic sashiko.

Jamdani: Fabric of Moonlight

A brief history of one of the finest fabrics ever woven.

Long Thread Podcast: John Marshall

Season 4, Episode 2: Starting as a teenaged apprentice, John has made a life's work in learning, practicing, and sharing traditional Japanese fiber arts.