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Cowls and Circular Shawls to Weave

The 8 projects in this collection are circular, but they are much more than that.

Weaving, Dyeing, and Sewing My Wedding Dress

Kelly didn't just sew her wedding dress, instead she courageously designed a gown with a handwoven bodice and hand-dyed long flowing skirts.

Call for Submissions: November/December 2023—Venn Diagrams!

Where does the rest of your life intersect with weaving?

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From Samples to Project in One Go

Reading Yarn Labs is a quick way to learn about a yarn without sampling yourself. In this PDF download, we have paired a wonderful Yarn Lab with a project by the same designer.

Sewing Tips for Handwoven Pillows

When my shawl fabric proved to be too stiff, I decided to make pillows instead.

Handwoven November/December 2022—Exploring the Ifs

There are a lot of “ifs” in weaving, but in this issue we looked at “what ifs” and “as ifs.”

Window Shopping for WIFs

After lurking for years, I decided to get a subscription and check out the WIFs on for real.

Advancing Twills: Going from Shaft Looms to Jacquard

This free downloadable PDF gives complete 16-shaft and 32-shaft drafts for the advancing twill designs shown in “A Loom Story” by Sheila O’Hara.

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Best Practices: Interpreting Drafts and Series Download

Where do you turn when you have weaving questions? This collection of articles will answer most, if not all, of your questions!

When is a Plaid a Tartan?

Are the terms plaid and tartan just different names for the same thing? Well, it's complicated!