Silk and Natural Dye Talks at Weave Together with Handwoven

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, join us for free presentations and a trip to the marketplace.

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Weave with Leaves

Learn how to use daffodil stems, iris leaves, and even daylily leaves in your weaving.

Ask Madelyn: Broken Warp Thread Woes

There are several factors to consider when you are determining the cause for broken warp threads. First and foremost is to locate where the break actually occurs in the threads.

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Inventive Band Weaving

So many creative ideas from narrow strips of cloth!

Call for Submissions: Handwoven Winter 2024—Color in Fiber

This issue focuses on the the incredible variety of colorful yarns available to weavers.

Raffia Then and Now

The raffia I knew as a kid is not the same raffia that you can buy today.

Taming the Woven Edge

Weavers the world over always worry about their selvedges! Here’s some tips from former posts.

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Try Garden-based Weaving! Daylily Mats by Melissa Schubert

Have you ever looked at long leaves and wondered if you could weave with them? Melissa Schubert did, resulting in these beautiful mats with a cotton warp and daylily leaf weft. Download the pdf for project and leaf preparation instructions.

Ode Alpaca Weaving Yarn: Pretty Inside and Out

For the November/December 2023 Yarn Lab, Christine Jablonski wove 9 samples using Ode Alpaca Weaving Yarn, but we only had room in the issue for 7! Here's an expanded version that includes all 9. This may be your new favorite wearables yarn!

I Can Help You Write Your 2024 Weaving Resolutions!

Your crafting life can really benefit by reimagining resolutions as things you want to do.