Madelyn van der Hoogt

Ask Madelyn: Twill Setts

How do you know what sett to use for twill if your yarn isn't quite the same as the yarn used in the pattern you are following?

Ask Madelyn: Blending Drafts

Madelyn advises on how to adjust 2 drafts to have the same number of ends to create a blended draft.

Ask Madelyn: Plain Weave and Satin

Is it possible to weave a plain-weave border around satin or sateen? Madelyn has the answer!

Ask Madelyn: Using Tabletop Drafts on a Floor Loom

Learn from Madelyn how to adapt table-loom drafts to use with floor looms.

Ask Madelyn: Using a Sectional Beam without Warping Sectionally

You can warp a sectional beam without warping sectionally. Madelyn describes her method.

Ask Madelyn: Sample, Sample, Sample

Madelyn explains her sampling process—it might surprise you!

Ask Madelyn: Reading Drafts

Madelyn explains step-by-step how to read an extra-long, extra-complicated draft.

Ask Madelyn: Twisting Texsolv

Is there a reason you’d want to twist your Texsolv heddles? Madelyn weighs in!

Ask Madelyn: When Do You Need a Floating Selvedge?

When is it okay to forgo a floating selvedge? Madelyn has the answers!

Ask Madelyn: Enlarging Drafts

Madelyn goes over the different methods one can use when enlarging a draft.