Madelyn van der Hoogt

Ask Madelyn: Warping a Second Warp Beam

How do you warp a second warp beam if you’re a front-to-back warper? Madelyn has the answers!

Empty Looms and Silent Shuttles

Even during normal times, weaving is a solitary craft, and weavers cherish their weaving relationships. Madelyn talks about how she is spending her time alone and what she misses.

Ask Madelyn: Structures for Acrylic Baby Blankets

I would like to use up this yarn by weaving baby blankets for a local Project Linus chapter.

Ask Madelyn: Tie-Ups and Marguerite Davison

I am weaving some table napkins using a diamond pattern, Periwinkle from Marguerite Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book, and I find that the pattern comes out face down, i.e., upside down.

Ask Madelyn: Beaming Warps

When beaming warps, I understand a lot of weavers like to use water-filled recycled plastic bottles with handles as weights. Can you suggest another thing that can be used as a weight?

Ask Madelyn: Reed Substitutions

I only have a 10-dent reed, so I used slightly finer warp threads and sleyed 4/dent for 4 dents and then skipped 1 dent, but the skipped dent is very obvious in the cloth. Any suggestions?

Ask Madelyn: A Tale of Two Temples

The amusing result has been that some students like wooden ones and some like metal ones and now I really need two temples for each school loom.

Ask Madelyn: Using End-Feed Shuttles

An end-feed shuttle operates with a pirn instead of a rotating bobbin. The problem with a rotating bobbin is that when the bobbin is full, it rotates fewer times than when it is empty to unload the same length of yarn.

Ask Madelyn: A Dent Dilemma

With twisty yarns or when you have several ends in a dent, you want to maintain the exact order of the threads from warping board to heddle.

Ask Madelyn: Translating Treadling for a Table Loom

How do you rewrite a complicated draft so it's readable for weaving on a table loom? Madelyn has a few suggestions to make your life so much easier.