Madelyn van der Hoogt

Ask Madelyn: All About Tie-ups

Tie-ups can look different depending on what resource you are using. Madelyn explains how to decipher them!

Ask Madelyn: Tracking

Sometimes after wet-finishing, plain weave fabrics will have a cross-hatching pattern that won't press out. Madelyn describes what is commonly known as tracking.

4 Free Woven Table Runner Patterns You'll Love

Learn how to make a woven table runner in this FREE eBook that includes 4 table runner patterns. These are sure to bring a unique touch to home décor.

Ask Madelyn: Yarns and Setts

If the sett for plain weave using 8/2 cotton is 20 epi, does that mean the sett for 16/2 cotton would be 40 epi? Madelyn explains some of the nuances of yarns and setts.

Ask Madelyn: The Best Yarn to Use for Baby Blankets

I'm planning a baby blanket and am trying to figure out what type of yarn to use. What do you recommend for baby blankets?

Beyond the Loom: Tools and Equipment

Everyone knows you need a loom to weave, but what are the other essentials a weaver needs?

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Coping with Harness Envy: Reducing Multi-shaft Drafts to 4-shafts

It's frustrating to love an 8-shaft pattern when you only have a 4-shaft loom. In this article from March/April 2018, Madelyn describes how to reduce 8-shaft twill drafts to 4-shafts. We tried her methods on some recent drafts, check out our results!

Ask Madelyn: How do you use a temple on doubleweave?

Madelyn explains how to use a temple with doubleweave.

Ask Madelyn: What's a Block Weave?

Block weaves are structures in which groups of warp and weft threads can produce two different-looking interlacements, one that identify as “pattern,” the other as “background.”

Ask Madelyn: Which Loom is for You?

How do I find out what loom I should get?