Madelyn van der Hoogt

Remembering David Xenakis

In September, the weaving world lost one of its stars, David Xenakis. His friend Madelyn van der Hoogt reflects on his contributions to our understanding of what’s possible in handweaving.

What Shawl We Weave?

Prepare your loom for cooler temperatures with this collection of shawls.

Washing Handwovens

Check out these tips for taking care of your weaving.

Ask Madelyn: Skeleton Tie-Ups and Countermarch Looms

I'm trying to use a skeleton tie-up on my countermarch loom for a 4-shaft huck-lace draft but it's not working. Help!

Ask Madelyn: Skeleton Tie-Up on a Countermarch?

Is it possible to use a skeleton tie-up on a countermarch loom? Sometimes. Madelyn shows how to tie up your treadles for an 8-shaft skeleton summer and winter tie-up.

Ask Madelyn: Overshot or Tied Overshot?

How can you tell whether a fabric was woven inwoven in overshot and tied overshot?

Ask Madelyn: Correlating Warp Color Orders and Drafts

Sometimes the relationship between the warp color order and the weaving draft isn't obvious and you have to read them carefully to understand their connection. Madelyn explains how.

A Tale of Twill

Madelyn van der Hoogt hated twills when she started weaving. But the introduction of colored publications in the 80s gave her a new love of twill weaving!

Ask Madelyn: Overshot Tabby Order

Any two picks in a row of overshot pattern in the same block will either cuddle together at the outside edge of a motif or split a bit apart.

Ask Madelyn: Altering Drafts to Fit Your Loom

What if your loom is narrower than the width of the project you want to weave? Madelyn explains how to reduce a threading draft to fit your loom.

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