Madelyn van der Hoogt

The Draft: Shadow Weave as a Block Weave

Thanks to Marion Powell we now think of shadow weave as a block weave that can be designed using profile drafts. Madelyn explains.

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An Ode to Floats and Their Connection to Deflection

Download this pdf that walks you through the structures and projects found in Handwoven November/December 2021 and explains the cause of their threads' deflection.

All You Need for Shadow Weave

If your loom has four shafts, you are probably sometimes disappointed to see projects in Handwoven that require six or eight. With many weaves, four shafts can’t do what more can. With shadow weave, four are all you need!

Ask Madelyn: Introduction to Towels

Is there a best yarn or structure for a handwoven towel? Madelyn gives her opinion.

Ask Madelyn: Doubling Threads on a Pirn or Bobbin

Is there an easy way to double threads on a pirn or bobbin without them separating or tangling? Madelyn has the answer!

Ask Madelyn: Reducing 8-Shaft Drafts

Madelyn explains how to take an 8-shaft draft and reduce it to 4 shafts.

Ask Madelyn: Which Direction Do I Thread?

How do you read a threading draft? Does it matter whether you’re warping front-to-back or back-to-front? Madelyn has the answers.

Warping Back to Front with Two Crosses

Learn the art of warping a loom back to front with two crosses! Warping with two crosses is ideal for very fine, sticky, or highly-twisted warps.

Ask Madelyn: Weaving Resources

A reader wants to know what resources Madelyn recommends for building a weaving library.

Ask Madelyn: Tabby and Every Other Pick

Is tabby always plain weave, and is it the same as weaving “every other pick” as in rep? Madelyn has the answer!