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Save 25% Storewide at Abundant Earth Fiber

New and existing All Access subscribers can save 25% storewide at Abundant Earth Fiber. Find your new favorite yarns, rovings and dyes thoughtfully made in small batches on Whidbey Island.

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Wool craft is more than just yarn for Abundant Earth Fiber, it is a connection with the natural world and the satisfaction of meaningful work. Lydia and Alan Christiansen mill heirloom quality yarn and fiber on Whidbey Island with a profound love for land and wool. Their small batch yarns and rovings are made with 100% domestic, non-superwash wool, some raised on family farms close to their mill.

In the spirit of sustainability, Abundant Earth Fiber also offers Wool Tincture Dyes (pre-measured tea bag dyes), which are hands down the fastest and easiest way to dye wool. Now you can revive your stash with predictable, professional colors in minutes and still have plenty of time to spend doing what you really love. Check out the exclusive All Access Signature Palette they've created just for you that includes five colors and enough dye for over 2 pounds of wool. Live abundantly!

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