Harborside Aran from Brown Sheep Company | Brown Sheep Company

Harborside Aran is made with U.S.-grown wool spun in four plies, inspired by traditional wool knitting from the Aran islands of Ireland. Create something cozy this winter with the latest yarn from Brown Sheep Company. Visit www.brownsheep.com

Kromski Presto Mint Rigid Heddle Loom | Kromski North America

Enjoy the holidays with a Kromski Color of the Year Mint Presto Loom offering quality workmanship with a fresh new look. Choose your favorite size 10-inch or 16-inch. Also available in unfinished for personal customization. Visit www.kromskina.com

Weaving Kits from Vermont Weaving Supplies | Vermont Weaving Supplies

Vermont Weaving Supplies offers a growing library of kits and projects that go beyond what is typically available, providing foundational information, clear explanations, and ideas for deeper exploration. For weavers at all levels on rigid-heddle, four, and eight-shaft looms. Call us at 802-579-3777. Visit www.vermontweavingsupplies.com

Interchangeable & Adjustable Little Loom from Sketch Looms | Sketch Looms

Enjoy two loom widths, 5 and 10 inches, available in 6, 8, or 10 EPI, eleven colors, selectable side arms in 5 lengths up to 22 inches and have adjustable tension. What to do?  Excellent for sampling large loom projects. Great for tapestry and small projects. Make the loom you want with the interchangeable parts. Visit www.sketchlooms.com

Tastes & Textiles Tours in Italy | Sapori-e-Saperi

Travel with food and textile artisans from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Book yourself and a friend before December 31, 2023, and you both get a 5% discount. Offer code is LT2023. Send us an email at [email protected] or visit www.sapori-e-saperi.com

Express Yourself with the Boom Loom This Season | The Boom Loom

Help someone fall in love with weaving. (Or fall in love yourself all over again.) The handheld boomloom makes weaving easy, expressive, and fun -- whether you're brand new, or a master. Shop looms and starter kits. Visit www.theboomloom.com

Space Dye Your Checks Kit from New World Textiles | New World Textiles

Weave with 10/2 untreated organic cotton and treated Dye-Lishus® cotton. Put on a striped warp, weave with one shuttle for warp stripes or two shuttles for checks. Dye them different colors or space dye with any dye and no extra chemicals. The treated cotton is blended with gray so you can distinguish it from the untreated white cotton. Visit www.newworldtextiles.com

The Weaver's Perfect Memory - Perfect for the Holidays | Weaver's Perfect Memory

The new tool from the Weaver's Perfect Memory (patent pending) allows you to return to your weaving and know exactly where you left off, whether threading the heddles or throwing your shuttle. When life happens, the Weaver's Perfect Memory helps you find your way home. Order one for the weaver on your list (and one for yourself!). Use LV2WEAVE and receive a 5% discount. Visit www.weaversperfectmemory.com.

65 Roses Take Two Silk Scarves Kit | Treenway Silks

65 Roses® colorways support research for a cure for cystic fibrosis. Treenway Silks donates at least 10% of sales to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, in honor of Andrea's angels. Silk weaving kit, with two treadling options, makes two silk scarves. Call toll free 888-383-7455 or visit www.treenwaysilks.com

Special Edition Aurora Earth Yarn Bundles from Cotton Clouds | Cotton Clouds

Looking for perfectly curated color palettes this season! Cotton Clouds has created yarn bundles that include six colors of Aurora Earth 8/2 Cottons and make the perfect gift for any fiber enthusiast. You can find new bundles every season. Visit www.cottonclouds.com

LoftyFiber Offers Stress-Free Weaving | Lofty Fiber

We first brought you Stress-Free weaving with TempoTreadle. Now, TempoTreadle II takes your weaving to another level. Use Offer Code HW2023 to receive 15% off any TempoTreadle II system. Offer expires Dec 31, 2023. Visit www.loftyfiber.com