Madelyn van der Hoogt

Ask Madelyn: Warping Board Limits

Madelyn advises a weaver on what to do when a project requires more ends than will fit on their warping board.

Ask Madelyn: Tie-Ups for Blended Drafts

Need help figuring out how to tie up blended drafts? Madelyn can help.

Ask Madelyn: Warping a Second Warp Beam

How do you warp a second warp beam if you’re a front-to-back warper? Madelyn has the answers!

Empty Looms and Silent Shuttles

Even during normal times, weaving is a solitary craft, and weavers cherish their weaving relationships. Madelyn talks about how she is spending her time alone and what she misses.

Ask Madelyn: Best Way to Tie Treadles

I usually tie up the treadles the way the tie-up in the article shows them. This often seems to mean that the tabby treadles are tied up on the left side and therefore I need to use my left foot for both of them.

Ask Madelyn: Structures for Acrylic Baby Blankets

I would like to use up this yarn by weaving baby blankets for a local Project Linus chapter.

Ask Madelyn: Rule of Thumb for Using a Paddle

When you were demonstrating using the paddle, I couldn’t tell when you moved it up or when you moved it down for sure.

Ask Madelyn: Choosing the Right Dent for Your EPI

If I want 30 epi in my warp and I have the choice of an 8-, 12-, or 15-dent reed, which is the best?

Ask Madelyn: 16/2 versus 8/2 Cottolin

I would like to know if 16/2 cottolin is a good choice of yarn for warp? I have used 8/2 cottolin, but not the finer 16/2.

Ask Madelyn: Counting Heddles

Madelyn gives advice for counting heddles.