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Susan E. Horton

Loom Alone

You might be familiar with the eye roll I get on the rare occasions when I ask someone to help me wind a warp on my loom.

Reading 200 Ask Madelyns

Reading 200 Ask Madelyns may make you a better weaver.

If You Can’t Be Perfect, Be Consistent: The Efficient Weaver Course with Laura Fry

Become a more efficient weaver starting with watching this new course featuring Laura Fry. You’ll be surprised to find there’s a whole world of weaving tips and techniques you didn’t know about.

The Souvenir Skein – Is There Enough Yardage for a Scarf?

Of course, you could just go ahead and buy that pretty hand-dyed skein and hope for the best; but with a little math you might be able to actually use it as you envision.

Celebrate Handwoven’s Ruby Anniversary!

When I become editor of Handwoven I had no idea that Handwoven’s Ruby Anniversary was coming and that my idea of a dream issue would mesh so perfectly with it.

Leave the What Ifs Behind: Loom Theory

Each Loom Theory is dedicated to a specific type of loom, either 4-shaft, rigid-heddle or 8-shaft loom.

Taking the First Pick When Weaving

This weekend, I threaded 430 ends of 20/2 cotton on my loom in 4 shades of gray from Lunatic Fringe’s Tubular Spectrum. It’s an easy threading of plain weave with some crammed ends of 10/2 cotton to create ribs in the fabric.

Tips From the Fringe and Hemmed Edge

I’ve realized that many weavers enjoy weaving but stumble when it comes to trimming, hemming, and fringing their projects.

Take the Dog on the Loom for a Walk

What do you do with a dog on the loom—the weaver’s expression for a project that no longer inspires you and, even worse, one that paralyzes you from moving forward?

Warp Once, Weave Forever: Learn How with Handwoven!

In our May/June 2019 issue of Handwoven we explore the ways you can adjust your warp to weave multiple projects, structures, or patterns.