Susan E. Horton

September/October 2023 Call for Submissions: The Escenses!

Let’s see what we can do with color, structure, and yarn choice to bring out some of the color effects found in nature.

Projects to Weave for Halloween and Autumn

Seasonal weaving can mean motifs, but it can also mean color palette as shown in these autumnal and Halloween projects.

Cut and Sew Tips for Handwovens

Cutting and sewing handwoven fabric is similar to but not exactly like doing the same with commercial fabrics. Here are some tips from our designers.

Experimenting with Setts

After finishing a runner, I had warp left over to play with. I decided to do some sett experiments. Here's my method for changing setts with a warp on the loom.

Handwoven September/October 2022: The Weave, Cut, and Sew Issue

Learn about weaving for sewing and using handwoven fabrics for garments and all sorts of other items in this issue of Handwoven.

Backyard Dyeing Made Easier

I feel comfortable with dyes that I don‘t have to use in the kitchen, so these new tinctures are right up my alley.

Crushing on Convergence 2022

I’m back home with 6 new books, 2 cones of linen, 3 skeins of something weird and wool, a stack of catalogs, a variety of gadgets, and more ideas than I could weave in a lifetime, but being with other weavers was the best part.

In the Spirit of “What If?”

Sometimes I just want to play “what if” with an unusual weft. This time a bunch of plastic strips fit the bill.

Weekend Weaving: Weaving for Weddings

If you are considering weaving for weddings or other special occasions, consider towels. Nothing dries wedding crystal like linen.