Susan E. Horton

Call for Submissions! Handwoven September/October 2022—“Cut and Sew”

If you have thought about it but never actually done it, now might be the time to try sewing with your handwoven cloth.

Running Weaving Bluelines in My Head

I look at my own weaving in a different way than I look at others’ work, and that’s how it should be.

My Latest Weaving Mistake: Losing Count

It seems so obvious, but somehow I forgot how to keep track of how many placemats are on my cloth beam.

Call For Submissions! Handwoven May/June 2022: Plain and Fancy Twills

Twills can be simple or complex, but they are all related, and they are all interesting for different reasons.

Weaving and Math: A Great Combination

Someone told me that there were 65, 534 possible tie-up combinations on a 16-shaft loom. I didn’t know whether that was true but thought it was worth finding out about.

Weaving for Yourself

You can weave for other people, but weave for yourself, first.

Raffia Then and Now

The raffia I knew as a kid is not the same raffia that you can buy today.

Weaving in the Gloom of Summer

As I wait for warm weather to finally arrive, I can dream and weave summer projects using Handwoven May/June 2021 as my guide.

Using Nudges to Finish Up

This Mother’s Day, I’m hoping to have some time to weave and work on a long-range project—the type of project I often need to nudge myself to work on.

Bags of the Month: A Forgotten Treasure!

Coming upon something great that you didn‘t expect is always fun. I was surprised at what I found on our website one day!