Susan E. Horton

Finishing Tips and Techniques You’ll Want to Know

I’m in favor of thoughtfully finished weaving, so two of the things I love about the Team Colors Scarves is that they each have a different finish, and each finish complements the scarf and the yarn it is woven with. In this post we offer finishing tips

How to Wind a Bobbin for Smoother Weaving

Winding a bobbin can seem like a fairly obvious task, but there are nuances about how you do it that will make your weaving go more smoothly.

Handwoven March/April 2023 Call for Submissions: Architectural Details

I’m hard pressed not to see weaving patterns everywhere, and I don’t think I’m alone.

It’s Happening this Spring and Summer!

Looking for some fiber stuff to do this spring and summer? Here are a few ideas.

Travel without Leaving Your Loom Bench!

Our March/April 2022 issue is all about inspiring parks and museums and just in time for you to make some summer plans—unless, like me, you are planning some loom time.

How to Correctly Cut Thread

Best practices are a must for working efficiently with fiber. Read these tips and instructions for better thread cutting.

Valuable Value Strategies

Our eyes are better at seeing color than distinguishing values, and values are an important component of not only shadow weave but other weave structures.

I May Be Sampling Wrong

I’ve always sampled with a project in mind, but maybe I should be sampling based on the yarn itself.

A Shawl that Honors the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Whitlynn Battle wove a shawl to honor a museum and national park that is important to her, and to me.

January/February 2023 Call for Submissions: Wool and Wool Blends!

With so many choices, choosing wool for an issue theme because it is less harmful to the environment than some other fibers seems like the way to go.