Susan E. Horton

All Access Exclusive

Shadow Weave Incognito Towels

By breaking with tradition, Barbara Goudsmit designed a shadow-weave design ... without shadows. This is a free download of her 4-shaft towel pattern for All Access members.

Visible Mending for Weavers

Who knew visible mending would become a thing? I would never have foreseen it, but I’m all in ... with handwovens.

Subscriber Exclusive

Handwoven Towels: Common Sizes and Types

From guest towels to beach towels, you can weave towels in any dimensions you wish, but it's helpful to know some basic sizes. For subscribers, I've also included three towel patterns to jumpstart your next project.

Ikat: A World of Compelling Cloth

If you are looking for a great fiber-art show, this one at the Seattle Art Museum this spring might be just the ticket!

Yarn Selection for Deflected Doubleweave

Many weavers aren’t sure what yarns to pair with drafts. Janney Simpson gives advice for DDW that you may want to incorporate for other structures as well.

Call for Submissions: Handwoven January/February 2024—Bast and Friends!

Let’s start 2024 by looking at bast fibers. There are more than you might imagine!

Handwoven March/April 2023: Woven Architecture to Love

In a parallel universe, I may be smarter and more efficient, but what’s the fun in that? I’d rather fall in love with weaving projects!

Subscriber Exclusive

Bonus Pattern: Rosebud Bricks Fingertip Towels

Why stop at just 5 towels? Download this PDF and weave 5 more towels designed by Malynda Allen to coordinate with her Rosebud Trellis Fingertip Towels from Handwoven March/April 2023.

Warp Once, Weave Forever: Handwoven May/June 2019

Take a trip down memory lane with these new WIFs in the Handwoven Library.

Weaving a Good Rug with Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely is a master rug-weaver, and he has lots of insights to share. Learn how to weave a rug with Tom, with a focus on good technique and materials.