Susan E. Horton

Worsted, Worsted, Worsted....Worsted?

Worsted has many meanings, and I was surprised by a few!

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Hone Your Rug-Weaving Skills with this Beautiful Boundweave eBook

This compilation of five boundweave patterns will inspire and encourage you to give weft-faced weaving a try! Any one of these beautiful projects would be wonderful to weave and to own.

Using Value as a Design Element: Log Cabin

Just like the similarly named quilt pattern, log cabin in weaving is a sophisticated yet simple design. It’s a good starting place for learning about color-and-weave.

Finding Inspiration at the Market

Having a cell phone at Pike Place Market let me capture some unexpected beauty and inspiration.

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Play and Explore with Dyeing in Your Kitchen

For many weavers, summer is a time to try new things, including dyeing. Handwoven subscribers can get started with this PDF download of kitchen dyeing recipes.

Americana Weaving and WIFs to Go With!

Our March/April 2019 Americana issue was filled with projects with roots in the USA. In anticipation of the upcoming 3-day Memorial Day weekend, I’ve uploaded to the Handwoven Library a collection of the WIFs for the issue!

Subscriber Exclusive

Problem-Solving Napkins

This free napkin pattern for subscribers might help you with a few of your own issues!

Embellish Your Fringe with Beads

It was an unexpected, but welcome, bonus to learn how to add beads to fringe in a video about weaving techniques. Check out this clip!

Handwoven May/June 2023: Mud-Free Weaving!

We’ve all woven mud, those unlucky combinations of close values in warp and weft. You won’t find that problem in this issue of Handwoven.

Least Optimal to Most Optimal

Sometimes, but not always, you can turn a weaving disaster into a weaving success.