Susan E. Horton

Loving Fabric

Sometimes you need to be reminded just how beautiful fabric can be and how great it is to be a weaver.

Cutting Warps in Half

Multiple color changes in a warp can be frustrating. If your warp repeats, you may find this shortcut useful.

Speed Weaving

Is weaving quickly something to strive for?

You May Hate Your First Weaving Sampler

The word sampler brings to mind a pretty framed embroidery. My first weaving sampler was anything but pretty.

Challenge Yourself by Weaving a Project for Handwoven

Ever wondered what the process is for getting a project into Handwoven? Here are some steps to follow.

Readers’ Submissions Are the Core of Handwoven

Download Handwoven’s submission guidelines for articles and projects.

Experimenting with Raffia on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

I've wanted to weave with raffia for a long time and the new kind of raffia that is on the market now seems perfect for placemats.

Take Some Baby Steps Out Of Your Warping Comfort Zone

You may have some tried and true methods of tying on that you are comfortable with, but here are some that I use that you may want to consider.

When Weaving Plans Take a Detour

Sometimes better things happen when you have to change your plans.

You've Gotta Love What You Can Weave with a Four-Shaft Loom

It's hard to please everyone all the time, but I think you will agree with me that this is a beautiful collection of 4-shaft handwoven scarves.