Pick-Up Bands Two Ways: Try Inkle and Backstrap Woven Bands

Try bandweaving with this free PDF, which includes two band patterns with full instructions for weaving them on either an inkle loom or using a backstrap weaving setup.

Susan E. Horton Feb 5, 2024 - 3 min read

Pick-Up Bands Two Ways: Try Inkle and Backstrap Woven Bands Primary Image

Laverne shows how to use a pick-up stick to make the designs in your inkle and backstrap bands. Photo by Laverne Waddington

When planning the September/October 2017 issue of Handwoven, we asked Laverne Waddington to design a pick-up band project done on a backstrap loom. Laverne sent us the instructions and project information along with photographs and the bands, but at some point, we realized the project couldn’t be contained within the magazine and was better suited for the website. In its place in the magazine, we created a project using one of her designs that could be done on an inkle loom using pick-up.

Lucky for you, you can get both! We’re offering Laverne’s original backstrap loom instructions with two pick-up patterns plus the inkle project from Handwoven, all in one handy PDF. And it’s free!

These are just a few examples of the patterns you’ll learn to weave with the instructions from Laverne Waddington. Photo by George Boe

Laverne is the real deal. She is a weaver, teacher, and writer, but mostly, she is a researcher and student of backstrap weaving. She moved to South America in 1993 and currently lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where she works and weaves. Laverne travels extensively, always learning about and teaching backstrap weaving. Her teachers in South America are indigenous weavers whose techniques and designs she has meticulously recorded in journals.

Laverne Waddington weaving on a leaning vertical loom with her teacher, Maxima. Photo by Dorinda Dutcher

As I dug deeper, I noticed two main things about her: 1) Laverne is generous with her knowledge and wants to help others learn to weave on a backstrap loom, and 2) Laverne is prolific and consistent about recording her experiences and learning process.

This combined PDF has a complete inkle pattern plus a full project write-up for the backstrap loom. We have included:

  • The inkle band instructions from Handwoven Sept/Oct 2017
  • An equipment list
  • Instructions for setting up your own backstrap loom
  • Directions for weaving pick-up in the Bolivian style
  • Two pick-up patterns

Laverne provided step-by-step photographs and to make learning easy and fun. Whether you prefer to weave these bands on your inkle loom or want to try a backstrap loom, these resources are the perfect place to start.

Visit the library to get your free copy today and step into the world of backstrap weaving.

Weave well,


You can learn more about Laverne by visiting her website. You will find additional information about backstrap weaving, answers to your questions, and tutorials to get you started there.