Andean Pick-Up Bands: Inkle and Backstrap Band Instructions

Project Type Bands
Loom Type Bandweaving
Magazine Issue Handwoven September/October 2017
Author Laverne Waddington
Format Project/Pattern

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Try bandweaving with this free PDF, which includes two band patterns with full instructions for weaving them on either an inkle loom or using a backstrap weaving setup. Inside you’ll find:

  • The inkle band instructions from Handwoven Sept/Oct 2017
  • An equipment list
  • Instructions for setting up your own backstrap loom
  • Directions for weaving pick-up in the Bolivian style
  • Two pick-up patterns

Laverne provided step-by-step photographs and two pick-up patterns to make learning easy and fun. Whether you prefer to weave these bands on your inkle loom or want to try a backstrap loom, these resources are the perfect place to start.

All items in the library are intended for personal use. Please do not distribute without written approval.