Ask Madelyn

Ask Madelyn: Which Loom is for You?

How do I find out what loom I should get?

Ask Madelyn: Sizes for Table Runners

I have decided to embark on a table runner for my niece. What size do you recommend? Also, what cotton yarn do recommend for table runners?

Ask Madelyn: Is there a correct tabby shuttle order?

I have always followed a certain rule for using the tabby weft in supplementary-weft structures such as overshot and summer and winter: Throw the tabby pick before the pattern pick. Please tell me the reason for this.

Ask Madelyn: Dimensions of a Scarf: How to Determine Scarf Length

Expert Madelyn van der Hoogt discusses how to determine scarf length when weaving a project for another person as well as the types of fabric you should use based on the scarf's intent

Ask Madelyn: Catching edge warp threads with two shuttles

Madelyn provides two methods for handling warp threads that aren't being caught when weaving with two shuttles.

Ask Madelyn: Changing setts when changing weave structures

When you rethread your heddles for a new weave structure, what should you do about the sett in the reed?

Ask Madelyn: Introduction to Towels

Is there a best yarn or structure for a handwoven towel? Madelyn gives her opinion.

Ask Madelyn: Doubling Threads on a Pirn or Bobbin

Is there an easy way to double threads on a pirn or bobbin without them separating or tangling? Madelyn has the answer!

Ask Madelyn: Reducing 8-Shaft Drafts

Madelyn explains how to take an 8-shaft draft and reduce it to 4 shafts.

Ask Madelyn: Which Direction Do I Thread?

How do you read a threading draft? Does it matter whether you’re warping front-to-back or back-to-front? Madelyn has the answers.