Susan E. Horton

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Learn By Doing: Turned Twill and Color Effects

One way to understand a structure is by studying it, but putting it on your loom will further solidify what you have learned.

Bringing Light to Fiber in Handwoven September/October 2023

If you are looking for more about weaving that creates color and light effects such as iridescence, incandescence, and pearlescence, you’ll find it in this latest issue of Handwoven!

A Colorful Scarf Based on a 30-Year-Old Photo

I love seeing how weavers interpret their sources of inspiration, and that was the case for the Shifting Shadows Scarf in the May/June 23 issue.

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Advancing Waves Scarf

Using an advancing twill threading and treadling with pastels in the warp and a darker weft, Barbara Goudsmit created a scarf with movement and sparkle, almost like the waves it was named for.

Join Us! Weave Together with Handwoven

Our first ever weaving event will take place February 25-29. Four days of weaving bliss!

Call for Submissions: Handwoven May/June 2024—Rugs, Rug Structures, and Asymmetry

Our summer issue will concentrate on rugs and rug structures and a subject that is somewhat off-center: “Symmetry is Overrated.”

Using a Temple for Weft-Faced Weaving

Weft-faced weaving in particular is easier to weave well if you use a temple. This tip video will show you how it’s done!

Worsted, Worsted, Worsted....Worsted?

Worsted has many meanings, and I was surprised by a few!

All Access Exclusive

Hone Your Rug-Weaving Skills with this Beautiful Boundweave eBook

This compilation of five boundweave patterns will inspire and encourage you to give weft-faced weaving a try! Any one of these beautiful projects would be wonderful to weave and to own.

Using Value as a Design Element: Log Cabin

Just like the similarly named quilt pattern, log cabin in weaving is a sophisticated yet simple design. It’s a good starting place for learning about color-and-weave.

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