Susan E. Horton

Shadow Weave: An Impressive American Original

Mary Atwater developed shadow weave 80 years ago. Learn how she did it in this video clip.

2021: A Year of Inspiration

Susan reflects on how Handwoven 2021 inspired her own weaving. She has far too many ideas for the time she has to weave!

Better Selvedges for Two Shuttle Weaving

Two shuttles can wreak havoc on selvedges, check out this trick from our new Shadow Weave Course!

Call for Submissions: November/December 2022: Exploring the Ifs!

“As if” and “what if” have special meanings for weavers and often involve pushing the envelope in interesting ways.

Subscriber Exclusive

Silk Linen Scarf

Exploring Yarn Labs from 2021 plus subscriber exclusive PDF pattern download for the Silk Linen Scarf by Liz Moncrief.

Media Picks from Handwoven September-October 2021

Learn about the latest and greatest weaving books with Handwoven's Media Picks department. Here's what we reviewed for the September/October 2021 issue.

Learn the Basics of Shadow Weave

I love refreshing my understanding of different weaving concepts so downloadable courses such as Introduction to Shadow Weave are perfect for me.

Handwovens That Say "Welcome To Thanksgiving"

Every year as the date approaches, I wish I had an autumn-themed runner, towels, or new handwoven napkins. With a little bit of discipline and maybe a purchase of some yarn, I plan on weaving at least one of those items for this year's celebration.

Call for Submissions! Handwoven September/October 2022—“Cut and Sew”

If you have thought about it but never actually done it, now might be the time to try sewing with your handwoven cloth.

Running Weaving Bluelines in My Head

I look at my own weaving in a different way than I look at others’ work, and that’s how it should be.