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Advancing Waves Scarf

Using an advancing twill threading and treadling with pastels in the warp and a darker weft, Barbara Goudsmit created a scarf with movement and sparkle, almost like the waves it was named for.

Susan E. Horton Jul 26, 2023 - 3 min read

Advancing Waves Scarf Primary Image

The Advancing Waves scarf uses four pastels in the warp with a darker weft in an advancing twill to create its wave-like designs. Photo by Matt Graves

I was delighted when I saw photos of this beautiful 8-shaft Advancing Waves scarf when Barbara Goudsmit proposed it for our September/October 2023 issue. I love advancing twills, and the pearlescence she obtained through using four pastels in the warp and crossing them with a stronger cobalt blue weft was striking. We contracted with Barbara for this scarf and another somewhat similar 12-shaft scarf, not really knowing which one we would use in the magazine. It wasn’t until after the two scarves went through technical editing and I saw the drafts written out that my decision was made. The treadling made the choice easy.

If you have ever designed an advancing twill that moves both forward and backward in the treadling, you know what I mean. Although the treadling for this scarf uses only one shuttle and is not any more difficult to follow than any other draft, it is long—as in three-and-a-half pages long. (Many complete patterns in the magazine take up fewer than three pages.) While the scarf’s huge draft wouldn’t work so well in print, where we have a restricted number of pages to fill, it is perfect as a downloadable pattern with unlimited space to play with. A close-up of the fabric shows the waves moving across the scarf. Photo by Matt Graves

If you like this scarf, don’t let the long treadling keep you from weaving it. Advancing twills may have long repeats but they also have a rhythm to them. Once you get started, you will see the pattern develop, and the treadling will become somewhat obvious.

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