Liz Moncrief

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Boat Shuttles, Bobbins, and Quills

In this third entry of our shuttle series, Liz covers the ever-popular boat shuttles.

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Rug and Ski Shuttles Revisited

In this second entry in our series, Liz Moncrief covers her favorite types of weaving shuttles.

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Stick Shuttles, Flat Shuttles, and Rag Shuttles

Using the right shuttle will make your weaving go smoother. In this first entry in our shuttle series, Liz Moncrief covers 4 of the simplest shuttles available.

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Yarn Lab: A Luscious Blend from Sanjo Silk

Liz Moncrief sampled with Sanjo Silk's Silk Linen, a yarn she was already a fan of. Her sampling solidified her love for this beautiful blend.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Loom Safely

Wondering how to sanitize looms in a way that won’t damage the wood? Liz Moncrief has the answers.

Tensioning “Lazy” Warp Ends

Even the best of weavers have the occasional slack warp end. Here are some tips on fixing them.

Dancing with Your Loom

Changing your tie-up and treadling so that you can walk your treadles may make you enjoy weaving more and may also be better for your body.

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Double-Bobbin Boat Shuttles and End-Feed Shuttles

Learn about two shuttles that are sometimes considered more advanced, as they require finesse on the part of the weaver. You might just want to learn how to use them!

Homage to the Simple Stripe

From a white wedding dress to "blue-collar" clothing, cloth tends to reflect our cultural beliefs and values. Here's weaver and Handwoven contributor Liz Moncrief to tell you about the spotted history of stripes.

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Marine Silk Scarf

Inspired by the SeaCell yarn she was sampling, Liz designed a simple, flowing scarf to explore the yarn's possibilities.

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