Long Thread Podcast Spotlight Episode: Brown Sheep Company

In the decades since Brown Sheep Company began, nearly everything in the American wool business has changed. Maintaining the company’s tradition of high-quality wool yarns is a tale of family, persistence, and self-reliance.

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Mix It Up Mug Rugs

Use all your random bits of yarn to create custom colors.

Choosing and Using Shuttles: Boat Shuttles, Bobbins, and Quills

In this third entry of our shuttle series, Liz covers the ever-popular boat shuttles.

A Weaving Retreat You Won’t Want to Miss

Mark your calendar now, and join in the fun at the next Weave Together

5 Tips for Every Inkle Weaver

Measure often, and don’t forget to secure those tails!

Notes from the Fell: All About Temples

What they are, how they work, and the ways they improve your weaving.

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A Slice of Layer Cake Runner

Precut quilting fabric makes for a quick and easy project

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Fancy Hemstitching Adds Pizzazz to Your Handwovens

Beautiful textiles deserve beautiful finishes, and hemstitching might be just the final touch that you are looking for.