Long Thread Podcast: Anita Luvera Mayer

Season 3, Episode 5: Cover yourself in cloth—and clothing—that makes you proud.

Editor's Picks: Runners to Brighten Your Table

The editors of Handwoven chose their favorite woven table runner patterns from the Best of Handwoven eBooks. Which will you weave?

More Weaving Jokes to Make You Laugh (or Groan)

More pun-tastic, reader-submitted, weaving jokes sure to make you laugh (or groan).

Idea Gallery: Bits and Pieces Plaid

Daryl designed and wove a plaid using the leftovers from previous projects and yarns she was gifted. The coat she made out of that plaid reminds her of past projects and friends.

Weaving Jokes to Make You Smile (or Groan)

Need a laugh? Here are a few fiber-related jokes to (we hope) make you chuckle.

Designing for Handwoven and Little Looms: Documenting a Project

Everyone has their own method of recording important details about a project. Here is what works for Barbara, especially when she is weaving a project for Handwoven or Little Looms.

Spotlight: A Checkered (and Plaided) History

What's the difference between a check and a plaid--and where do tartans fall on the spectrum? Kathy Fitzherald gives some background on these beloved patterns.

Ask Madelyn: Reducing 8-Shaft Drafts

Madelyn explains how to take an 8-shaft draft and reduce it to 4 shafts.

A Yarn about Yarn

I have been weaving the technique of warp-faced rep for over 35 years—and have yet to exhaust my ideas for color and design. This is the power of warp-faced rep.