Use Your Thrums: Knotted Cut Pile

If your thrums are too nice to throw away, try turning them into magic carpets

BY: Sara Lamb

Reader’s Gallery: Love Theme

As I was reading contributors’ messages I noticed a common theme: love.

The History of the Potholder Loom

Playing with potholder looms is serious play, play that can teach you about weaving, color, and design.

Hemp: America’s Crop

Our next issue of Handwoven, the January/February 2021, features two projects woven with hemp. Read how hemp has fallen in and out of favor over the ages.

Lily Hope: Tlingit Weaver of Chilkat and Ravenstail

Lily Hope is one of the few remaining traditional Chilkat weavers. Read about the traditions she follows, and the techniques she uses to weave beautiful dancing blankets.

Ask Madelyn: Using a Sectional Beam without Warping Sectionally

You can warp a sectional beam without warping sectionally. Madelyn describes her method.

Reader’s Gallery—Scarves and Wraps with a Message

I sit in the lucky position of seeing the many beautiful scarves and shawls submitted to our Reader’s Gallery. Here are just a few.

Try Sizing On for Size

To use a softer yarn for warp, I turned to an old technique: applying a coating to minimize the effects of abrasion.

Corn Pasta on My Loom

I’ve been getting a little restless, which may explain some of my culinary experiments. Not all have been successful!

Clasped-Warp Weaving

Direct warping on a rigid-heddle loom seems to be made for clasped-warp weaving. Follow Robin as she walks you through a variety of ways to create different looks.