Shadow Weave: An Impressive American Original

Mary Atwater developed shadow weave 80 years ago. Learn how she did it in this video clip.

How Big Should Your Napkin Be?

Christina discusses the different types of napkins and their sizes.

Fiddle with Your Selvedges

Messy selvedges are the bane of many a weaver, new and experienced alike. What is a weaver to do? Will they work out eventually on their own?

Patterned Inlay on a Plain-Weave Background

Adding patterned inlay to a plain weave background isn't difficult but it does have some tricks to it.

Top 10 Handwoven Articles of the Year

This year we put up nearly 150 posts, and these were the ten you all loved the most.

The Year that Flew Faster than a Speeding Shuttle

2021 felt very short indeed for the team at Long Thread Media.

2021: A Year of Inspiration

Susan reflects on how Handwoven 2021 inspired her own weaving. She has far too many ideas for the time she has to weave!

Pinning Down 2021

Christina reflects on 2021 and how she learned to stop worrying and start pin-loom weaving.

Better Selvedges for Two Shuttle Weaving

Two shuttles can wreak havoc on selvedges, check out this trick from our new Shadow Weave Course!

Call for Submissions: November/December 2022: Exploring the Ifs!

“As if” and “what if” have special meanings for weavers and often involve pushing the envelope in interesting ways.