Tom Knisely

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Making a Simple Shaft-Switching Device

Here are directions for making a manual shaft-switching device for weaving weft-faced rugs.

Finding Weaving Inspiration Close to Home

You can find inspiration for weaving projects in unlikely places. Join Tom as he uses his time at home and in his yard to explore everyday objects with design potential.

Notes from the Fell: A Stash of Memories

We all have cones and skeins of yarn that have stories that make them too special to use in just any project.

Notes From the Fell: Shrouds to Die For

Have you heard of green burials? Maybe, but have you ever considered weaving your own shroud? Join Tom as he considers his options.

Notes From the Fell: Some Thoughts about Borders

Borders on items like rugs, runners and blankets can vastly improve them in the same way that a frame can improve a painting.

Loom Maintenance and a Pledge of Patience

The feedback I’ve received from viewers of my video The Loom Owner's Companion has been unbelievable and very positive.

Spinning Wheels Old and New

First of all, I apologize for bursting any romantic ideas about spinning wheels, but they are simply a means of twisting fiber into a usable thread.

Notes from the Fell: Rag Weaving--For the Love of Rags

Rag weaving is a wonderful way to take old textiles and give them new life. It should come as no surprise that weavers from around the world and throughout time have embraced weaving with rags.

Notes from the Fell: Our Libraries

Since buying my first weaving book, my collection has grown quite a bit. For many of us, our libraries are sources of valuable information and inspiration.

Discovering Our Roots: The History of Modern American Handweaving

In the November/December 2017 issue of Handwoven Tom Knisely travels to a little town in Michigan to learn more about his handweaving past and ends up learning about the history of modern American handweaving.