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Notes from the Fell: Breed-Specific Yarns

Tom Knisely likes to know where his yarn and fiber comes from, he even would like to meet the sheep who provided the wool he is spinning or weaving with.

Tom Knisely Jun 14, 2021 - 8 min read

Notes from the Fell: Breed-Specific Yarns Primary Image

Tom wove his twill scarf using skeins of Bluefaced Leicester yarn purchased from Ewe and Me, a local knit shop in York, Pennsylvania. PHOTOS BY TOM KNISELY

As weavers and spinners, we pick our fiber and yarn carefully for the situation or project at hand. Here is Tom Knisely talking about his interest in also knowing where his fiber comes from. -Susan

The other day, I was thinking about our local farmers market. How lucky we are to be able to choose different varieties of tomatoes. There are cherry and grape tomatoes for salads, plum and San Marzano for sauce, and the big beautiful kinds that fill a slice of bread from crust to crust for that perfect BLT. All have been developed over the years for specific uses.

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