Tom Knisely

Notes from the Fell: All About Temples

What they are, how they work, and the ways they improve your weaving.

Notes from the Fell: Rag Rug Color Gamps

How to understand your rug‘s warp and weft color interactions

Notes from the Fell: Can You Have It All?

Tom Knisely uses the idea that less is more when planning a new project.

Notes from the Fell: Rag Weaving--For the Love of Rags

Looking to update some worn textiles? Give them a new lease on life in a new form.

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Notes from the Fell: Savvy Selvedges for Boundweave

We all like clean and tidy selvedges but they can seem elusive with some structures. Here's Tom Knisely describing his techniques for weaving boundweave with good looking selvedges.

Notes From the Fell: On Heddle Management

It's not just about having enough heddles on each shaft for your project. Tom explains some nuances of heddle management.

Notes from the Fell: Poppana

You may have seen Poppana or it's shuttles and not known what you were looking at. Tom Knisely investigated weaving with poppana strips using its special shuttles and wrote about it in "Notes from the Fell" in Handwoven May/June 22.

Notes from the Fell: Twist

You can use a yarn's twist in your handwoven cloth to your advantage. Tom explores tracking and then spins yarns to test how it affects cloth in this article from Handwoven Jan/Feb 2022.

Notes from the Fell: Keeping Records

Keeping good weaving records is a goal for many of us. Tom talks about a couple of uncommon methods that might work for you, as well as a more traditional style.

Notes from the Fell: Finishing Tips

Finishing projects doesn't have the same appeal to many of us as starting projects. Here are some tips from Tom Knisely that may change your attitude towards finishing.

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