Linda Ligon

How the Classic Book of 8-Shaft Weaving Patterns Came to Be

Behind the drafts and swatches in this one volume of 8-shaft weaving patterns lies a story of women with extraordinary dedication.

The Hidden Messages of Name Drafts

Weavers love name drafts. They’re fun ways we can hide special little messages in our weaving and create works of cloth with extra layers of meaning.

A Weaver’s Guide to Effective Procrastination

In her article from the September/October 1995 issue of Handwoven, Linda muses on procrastination and how she makes it work for her.

Weaving Tricks of the Trade: One Weaver's Approach to Spinning

But I’ve gotten a lot of pleasure from making yarn this way. However you think about spinning and weaving, here is this weaver's approach to spinning:

Linda Ligon: This is How I Go When I Go Like This

One of the best parts of working for Handwoven is getting to know and learn from Interweave founder Linda Ligon.

The Way We Were

Linda Ligon looks back at the early years of Handwoven.

What a Weaver Can Learn From a Spinner

Rita Buchanan spins and weaves her own placemats, table runners, napkins, aprons, kitchen towels, bath towels (handwoven terry cloth!), shirts, jackets, blankets, pillow cases – in short, she lives in an environment of beautiful handmade cloth.

It Was a Very Good Year

1999 was a transitional year for Handwoven and also its 20th anniversary year.

Sharon Alderman: Lessons in Weaving Mastery

I never took an actual class from her, but so much of what I know about weaving I learned from Sharon Alderman.