Andrea Lotz

The Origin of the Word Sabotage

Did you know the origin of the word sabotage is weaving-related? There are two competing etymologies, but both have to do with the textile industry.

How to Get Creative with Weaving Rag Rugs

Explore the limitless possibilities of weaving rag rugs, and get some ideas to create unique rag weaving projects, from color design to weave structure!

Tips for Overshot Weaving Success from Pattie Graver

Nervous about giving overshot weaving a try? Here are five tips from designer Pattie Graver to ensure great overshot results!

Color Theory Basics for Weavers

Deb Essen will teach you the art of choosing colors for weaving design, so you always end up with success. Start here with some basic color theory!

Shibori Dyeing That's Safe for You, Your Handwovens, and the Environment

Natural dyes are much safer for you and the environment. Learn these dye safety tips, and then learn an exciting shibori technique to get you started!

Learn How To Weave with Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely has a new beginning weaving video. Learn how to weave on a loom with useful weaving techniques and a fun beginner weaving project!

Learn How to Weave Gorgeous Supplemental Warp Projects

Learn how supplemental warps can give you lengthwise patterning, texture, and more. Deb Essen shares her weaving techniques in her new book!

To the (Wet) Finish Line!

Wet-finishing is one of those weaving techniques that intimidates many--including me! Here's how I overcame my fears and learned the magic of wet-finishing.

Maker Moms and Weaving Legacy

New beginnings always trigger a mixture of feelings, especially when joining a community with a legacy as rich as Weaving Today. Excitement, humility and...