Maker Moms and Weaving Legacy

New beginnings always trigger a mixture of feelings, especially when joining a community with a legacy as rich as Weaving Today. Excitement, humility and...

Andrea Lotz Apr 12, 2016 - 4 min read

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New beginnings always trigger a mixture of feelings, especially when joining a community with a legacy as rich as Interweave. Excitement, humility, and gratitude are all here in full force as I introduce myself as the new online editor of Weaving Today, as well as a healthy dose of hoping not to mess up!

Andrea Lotz Weaving Today Editor

My name is Andrea Lotz, and I’m a longtime knitter, a beginning (but enthusiastic!) weaver, and an admirer of all other fiber arts, including spinning, felting, and crochet. I’ve been surrounded by yarn and fiber literally since infancy, when my mom wrapped me up in a waffle weave baby blanket she had woven herself.

I didn’t really realize how special it was to grow up with a maker mom until I found out not everybody had one. Our kitchen table was often a kaleidoscope of sketches, color swatches, samples, and materials for whatever was the project de jour, and it took me a long time to figure out that most families did not have a craft room, woodshop, kiln, and glass blowing torch in their basement.

As a child, mom’s floor loom (a 60-year-old Norwood loom inherited from her grandmother) fascinated me with its many moving parts and strict off-limits status, but most of her other projects were more accessible. She fed my huge imagination by furnishing me with endless costumes, crafts, and encouragement. Whether she was guiding me and my sister through felting Easter eggs, knitting us stuffed animals, or sewing up a last minute centaur costume, she showed me that I could create anything I could imagine, if I could just find the tools, patience, and an instructor.

weaving loom

Mrs. Lotz's 60+ year-old Norwood floor loom, inherited from Andrea's great-grandmother

I think we all could use a bit more of that attitude in our lives today. I’ve been so gratified to see that the internet has in many ways strengthened the ability of artisans to connect with each other across the gaps of geography, generation, and ability. Continuing to grow and deepen those connections is my main goal for Weaving Today.

If you’re a new weaver, I’ll be learning alongside you and sharing the resources that help me the most. For intermediate and advanced weavers, I’ll be working with the editors of Handwoven as well as our network of excellent contributors to continually bring you the very best projects, patterns, tutorials, videos, and products.

I am extremely honored to be a part of Weaving Today’s future, especially as I look back at the past. Working my way through every past issue of Handwoven alone promises to be a major undertaking – though a fun one! I expect I’ll come away with enough project ideas for years of weaving. archable, interactive table of contents or the easy-to-print patterns and instructions.

I am so excited to start this journey, and I look forward to sharing, learning, and inspiring along with you! Please reach out on Weaving Today’s Facebook page to introduce yourself, and happy weaving!