Long Thread Podcast: Mary Zicafoose

Season 6, Episode 8: The resist-dye method known as ikat appears in handwovens from Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Guatemala, and across the world. Mary Zicafoose fell in love with this magic cloth long before she became an artist using it for painterly effect.

4-Shaft Twills on a Rigid-Heddle Loom

Learning about how twills can be woven on a rigid-heddle loom has given me a deeper understanding of twills in general.

Ask Madelyn: Overshot Tabby Order

Any two picks in a row of overshot pattern in the same block will either cuddle together at the outside edge of a motif or split a bit apart.

4 Free Handwoven Baby Blanket Patterns

Download this free eBook with 4 patterns for handwoven baby blankets.

Call for Submissions: Handwoven March/April 2024—Flights of Fancy

Our spring issue will be all about the birds and the bees (PG only!) ... or depending on how you interpret it, anything else that flies, including time and your imagination!

Ask Madelyn: Altering Drafts to Fit Your Loom

What if your loom is narrower than the width of the project you want to weave? Madelyn explains how to reduce a threading draft to fit your loom.

Sampling for Bedford Seersucker

Structurally, distortion and deflection occur in cloth if there are areas of plain weave adjacent to areas of floating ends and/or picks. Weft Bedford cord falls into that category.

Create a Couple of Cocktail Carpets

Jennifer Kwong’s beginner friendly Palm Springs Cocktail Carpets are a perfect example of how simple elements can combine to create complex-looking cloth.

All Access Exclusive

Shadow Weave Incognito Towels

By breaking with tradition, Barbara Goudsmit designed a shadow-weave design ... without shadows. This is a free download of her 4-shaft towel pattern for All Access members.

Weaving Rules

Maybe it isn't you but the weaving rules that are causing those errors in your weaving! Linda explains.