More Weaving on the Weekends

Staying in might spur you to try new techniques such as the weft color blending I used in my scarf.

Spotlight: A Color of History and Faith

In his new book True Colors (Thrums Books 2019), author Keith Recker interviews 28 artisans about their methods and their relationships to dyes. Here is an excerpt.

Going Bananas for Banana Fiber

You might think that yarn made out of banana fibers is a new thing but in fact it has been around for a long time. Liz Moncrief wove samples with it with great success.

Weaving on the Weekends

Taking a project from design through sampling and then completion is slower when you weave only on the weekends.

Cloth Inspired by Trees: Two Ways

Why publish two projects based on the same tree? While both designers cite the birch tree as their inspiration, the different ways they each interpreted bark as cloth is absolutely fascinating.

Palaka: Hawaii's Own Plaid

An iconic plaid fabric, palaka is known as Hawaii's plaid. Hawaii's history and palaka's history are intertwined.

Idea Gallery: Using a Warp as a Blank Canvas

One way to design with multiple colors is to start with a neutral base and add colors to it but it helps to have a plan.

Notes from the Fell: A Stash of Memories

We all have cones and skeins of yarn that have stories that make them too special to use in just any project.

A Handwoven Chasuble and Stole to Thank a Priest

Read how Diane came up with an idea for weaving and sewing a chasuble and stole for a young priest from the region where she lives in Italy. It’s an unusual story, but one worth telling.

Call for Submissions for 2021 Easy Weaving with Little Looms

For the 2021 Little Looms, we wanted a theme that would be specific enough to inspire designers while being general enough to appeal to almost everyone. And so the This & That issue was born.