Little Looms

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How Do You Know Unless You Try?

John Mullarkey has a curiosity about weaving that makes him a great teacher and designer. He is always ready to see what will happen if he tries something new.

Designing for Handwoven and Little Looms: From Idea to Project

Follow along with Barbara as she explains her process of moving from weaving idea to design.

Designing by Chance

Tommye McClure Scanlin writes about how she uses the help of chance to kickstart her creativity.

Weaving Up a Little Looms Picnic

Christina recommends some of her favorite Little Looms projects for a picnic.

Chromaphobia for Weavers: Weaving and Color Theory

Many weavers feel color-challenged. Read how Sherrie Miller tackles her own insecurities when it comes to weaving and color theory.

Weaving for Yourself

You can weave for other people, but weave for yourself, first.

Designing with Hexagons: Going 3D (Part 2)

In this second part of Designing with Hexagons: Going 3D, Gabi van Tassell introduces more concepts for designing 3D objects using hexagons.

Weaving a Pin-Loom Baby Blanket: Just Rip It

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and, as hard as it might be in the moment, it’s often better to just start over.

Raffia Then and Now

The raffia I knew as a kid is not the same raffia that you can buy today.