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Make a Stuffed Pig That Can Fly

A high-flying pig is the epitome of crazy optimism, something we can all use.

Handwoven Editors , Margaret Stump Mar 13, 2024 - 4 min read

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This precious pin-loom pig, Zoomer, has everything you want in a stuffed toy: soft squish-ability, wings, and goggles. Photos by Matt Graves

This special project started months ago when we reviewed submissions for Handwoven Spring 2024. Among the scarves, towels, and other projects, one stood out: a pin-loom pig. Usually, we send these over to our sister magazine, Easy Weaving with Little Looms, where pin-loom projects are right at home. But this project was irresistible, so we decided to make it a Handwoven subscriber web bonus.

This stuffed animal is constructed from pin-loom–woven squares and uses a supersoft yarn to make it extra cuddly. A pin-loom pig would have been darling on its own, but add a pair of wings, goggles, and a cape, and you have a high-flying friend for life. Here’s designer Margaret Stump to tell you more about this design.

When Pigs Fly by Margaret Stump

This precious pin-loom pig named Zoomer is everything you might hope for in a stuffed animal. Her softness results from the velvety yarn she’s woven with, and she has sparkling white wings artfully frayed for a soft, feathered look. Add a flying scarf and goggles, and Zoomer is ready to take flight anytime you’re willing to provide the propulsion.

Although I was skeptical at first, weaving with bulky-weight velveteen yarn on a pin loom is indeed possible. And your weaving efforts will be rewarded with a thick, luxurious fabric that turns into a soft, huggable pink pig.

Weaving with velveteen yarn on a pin loom takes some practice because the yarn’s thickness makes it difficult to see where you are weaving. Be sure to tamp down the yarn with your fork or beater between each woven line. And hold the loom up to the light to help you determine where to start the weaving line.

A pink stuffed pig toy, pin-loom-woven with wings, goggles, and capeVelveteen yarn makes this pin-loom project extra soft and snuggly.

Create your own Zoomer and let your heart—and your pig—soar high!

Project at a Glance and PDF Download

Visit the Handwoven library or log in below to access the PDF download for When Pigs Fly, available to Handwoven magazine subscribers.

STRUCTURE Plain weave.

EQUIPMENT 2", 4", and 6" square pin looms (Note: Four 4" squares can be substituted for a 6" pin-loom square); 3", 6", and 8" weaving needles (omit 8" if not using a 6" loom); packing comb or fork; tapestry needle; G-6/4 mm and H-8/5 mm crochet hooks.

YARNS Warp and Weft: Velvet (100% polyester; 315 yd/10.5 oz; Bernat; Yarnspirations), #13 Quiet Pink, 250 yd. Alpaca Twist (90% acrylic/10% alpaca, 175 yd/3.5 oz; Yarn Bee), #01 Lace Doilies, 54 yd. Classic Wool Worsted (100% wool; 210 yd/3.5 oz; Patons; Yarnspirations), Sea Glass, 12 yd; Brown, 6 yd; Medium Gray, 1 yd.

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