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Weaving’s Grand Masters: A Cage Match

Why choose when you can learn different techniques from each of them?

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Handwoven Spring 2024 Web Extras

Access the web extras and subscriber-exclusive downloads for the projects in this issue of Handwoven magazine.

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Weave with Leaves

Learn how to use daffodil stems, iris leaves, and even daylily leaves in your weaving.

Taming the Woven Edge

Weavers the world over always worry about their selvedges! Here’s some tips from former posts.

What's all the Fuzz About? The 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz!

Embrace a little warmth and coziness in your weaving with this beautiful peachy color.

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Quick and Clean: Lather Up!

Looking for a quick and easy gift to weave? These soap bags and matching washcloths might be just the ticket. Add a bar of designer soap and you've got a sweet personal gift.

Handwoven January/February 2024 Web Extras

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10 Favorite Towel Designs

Here are a few of our favorite towel patterns out of the hundreds of towels we’ve published in Handwoven over the years.

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Learn by Doing: Network Drafting

Learn about network drafting and also get a great pattern for some beautiful towels in this free download for All Access Subscribers.

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Cornucopia Placemats and Napkins

Weave a fall-themed set with these 8-shaft overshot placemats and napkins.

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