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Advancing Twills: Going from Shaft Looms to Jacquard

This free downloadable PDF gives complete 16-shaft and 32-shaft drafts for the advancing twill designs shown in “A Loom Story” by Sheila O’Hara.

Handwoven November/December 2022 Web Extras

Access the free web extra downloads for the projects in this issue of Handwoven magazine.

A Shibori Fabric Bag That Is Easy to Weave and Dye

Download this free pattern from Patricia Springer to create a beautiful bag in woven shibori.

Linen, Egypt, and Mummies

Flax is one of the oldest fibers used for making cloth. The use of it in Egypt dates back to the 15th century where it was used for many things--including for mummy wrapping.

How is Seat Belt Webbing Woven?

Weaving can be a life-saver...literally, in the case of woven seat belt material! Find out how seat belt webbing is woven, now and in the past.

Handwoven Corrections 2013

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2013

Try this deflected doubleweave fabric for a bag or scarf—or both!

Weave this 8-shaft deflected doubleweave fabric that is stable enough for an evening bag and light enough for a scarf. You can even make a matching set.

Make Sock Yarn Sing with the Serendipity Scarf

Got some sock yarn that wants to be a scarf? Download this free pattern by Joan Sheridan for 2-shaft or rigid-heddle looms.

What Is Indigo and Why Is It in the Color Wheel?

What is indigo, and why is it part of the color wheel? Learn the history of indigo dye and why it's inclusion in the color wheel is so controversial.

Subscriber Exclusive

Windows and Shadows Shawl

Here is a pdf download of the pattern for this beautiful shawl by Jannie Taylor that combines spaces in the warp and weft with shadow weave to great effect.