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How to Weave With a Pin Loom

Weaving on a pin loom is easy and fun! If you've ever wanted to know how weave with a pin loom, this tutorial has everything you need to know! 

Handwoven Corrections 2019

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2019.

Handwoven Pattern Extras

Looking for WIFs, drafts, free projects, tutorials, or other goodies mentioned in Handwoven? You can find them all right here.

Perfect Marriage T-Shirt Rug and Yarn Preparation

Learn how to turn old T-shirts into yarn perfect for rag weaving!

Bright and Handy Inkle Bag for a Mini Tablet

Download this pattern pdf for Trudy Sonia's Bright and Handy Inkle Bag for a Mini Tablet from Handwoven January/February 2015

Beautiful Handwoven Blankets: Free Projects to Make Woven Throws for All Seasons

You'll love weaving the handwoven throws and blanket patterns in this exclusive free eBook from Handwoven.

Free 4-Shaft Loom Weaving Projects and Patterns

4-shaft loom weaving is easier than you think with these free weaving projects and tutorials exclusively made for all levels of weaving.

Bright and Handy Inkle Bag Phone Pouch Sewing Instructions

Pdf download of Bright and Handy Phone Pouch Sewing Instructions