Show and Tell and a Weaver’s Handshake

Enjoy perusing the project gallery from last week’s Handwoven event.

Handwoven Editors , Little Looms Editors Mar 5, 2024 - 8 min read

Show and Tell and a Weaver’s Handshake Primary Image

With items woven during classes and finished creations brought from home, the Weave Together fashion show was the ultimate weaver’s handshake. Woven shawl by Joan W. Photos by Long Thread Media Staff

Last week, we gathered with more than 40 fellow weavers for four days of weaving, camaraderie, and fun. One of the best parts of being at an event like this is seeing the ingenuity and creations made by your fellow weavers—and the way they can’t resist giving the weaver’s handshake. Not familiar with the weaver’s handshake? It’s when you see a piece of handmade cloth on a fellow weaver that you feel drawn to reach out to admire and examine (with permission, of course). It’s a special greeting that immediately links us through a mutual love of fiber.

Then, on the last night of Weave Together with Handwoven, we gathered for the ultimate weaver’s handshake. Part low-key fashion show, part show and tell, it was a memorable way to wrap up the event.

As we walked around the room, we admired the finished pieces weavers brought with them, projects woven and finished in classes that week, and even in-progress items still on the loom. We saw scarves and tapestries, designs full of texture and color, and an incredible array of bands—including a memorable lace-adorned, jewel-embellished inkle band made from handspun tussah silk described as a “gown-less evening strap.” You’ll see this evening strap included in the gallery below. The creativity and humor of weavers never cease to amaze!

We want to show many of the fantastic pieces that appeared and share this experience with everyone who couldn’t make it. Even if you couldn’t join us in Colorado, we hope you enjoy this virtual fashion show featuring a few of the beautiful pieces of cloth from Weave Together. We hope these pieces delight and inspire you as much as they enchanted us.

Mary Ann (left) and Rosemary (right) show off sampler scarves from their Color in Weaving class.

These two samplers were woven in the Color in Weaving class during Weave Together. Mary Ann used the new Ad Astra 4/2 Cotton yarn for her sampler (left). She enjoyed experimenting with colors in her class to compare and contrast tints, tones, and shades. Rosemary (right) said she was inspired by a winter sunrise and played with peach, lavender, blue, and yellow in the warp for her sampler.

Cynthia (left) shows the lacy techniques and textures she learned in her rigid-heddle class. Cheri (right) shows off her first tapestry, first woven band, and first pin loom squares ever woven.

Between these two weavers, projects from four types of looms are represented! Cynthia (left) shows off her completed rigid-heddle woven sampler from the Finger Controlled Weaving class. Cheri (right) arrived at the event as a non-weaver and came out knowing how to weave tapestry, inkle, and pin-loom projects.

Edward (left) shows off his completed inkle band from the Intro to Inkle class. Kate’s in-progress band (right) shows the beautiful designs possible with Coptic Diamonds in tablet weaving.

There were plenty of chances to weave bands this year. Edward (left) started and finished this band in the Intro to Inkle class. Kate (right) started this gorgeous in-progress tablet band in the Coptic Diamonds class.

Susan (left) shows off her rigid-heddle shawl/runner, with crammed slots and double wefts randomly added as she wove. Jeannine (right) shows off her Gown-less Evening Strap.

The fashion show would only be complete with a bit of fun. Susan (left) stepped up with a grin to model her project, nicknamed The Shunner. She says, “Flexibility is key. This piece will keep you warm on a chilly plane ride but still works as a runner to gift your sister.” Jeannine (right) wasn’t far behind, donning her new evening wear to celebrate the first-ever Weave Together. Her Gown-less Evening Strap was inkle woven using handspun tussah silk and included lace, pearls, beads, and crystals as embellishments.

Enjoy these projects and more from the fashion show in this short video, and happy weaving!