5 Tips for Every Inkle Weaver

Measure often, and don’t forget to secure those tails!

Handwoven Editors Jun 10, 2024 - 3 min read

5 Tips for Every Inkle Weaver Primary Image

Learn inkle weaving tips, including how to weave in your tails. Photo from the video Baltic Pick-Up on the Inkle Loom

When you are weaving inkle bands, a few simple tricks will make your weaving look more polished and consistent. Angela K. Schneider is here to share five tips to help you become an even more successful inkle weaver.

1. Watch your weft tension.

Some techniques—especially pick-up and patterns with many floats—tend to pull in more than plain weave. For consistent tension, try to get into a rhythm as you adjust your weft threads and selvedges. Doing that will help you avoid pulling the weft too tightly or leaving it too loose.

2. Measure for consistency.

A sewing gauge or small ruler is handy for every inkle weaver. Once you have a band‘s width set, use the ruler to measure it often so you can keep the width consistent throughout.

Use a sewing ruler to set your band width and check it often. Photo by Tiffany Warble

3. Get a good beat.

Beat consistently and straight against the fell as you weave your inkle bands. You can tilt your shuttle up and down if needed, but do not rock it side to side.

4. Secure the tails as you start your band.

If you plan to weave several bands on a single warp or finish your band with fringe, secure your tails at the beginning of the band. Tuck in your weft tail for two picks, and your inkle bands will never ravel. Watch this tip in action in this short video clip.

5. Weave in your weft at the end of the band.

There are two ways to secure your weft at the end of an inkle band. The common method calls for using a tapestry needle to weave in the ends, but there’s an even faster and more efficient way—no tapestry needle required. Watch as Angela K. Schneider demonstrates both methods in this clip from her inkle weaving course.

Ready to learn more about inkle weaving?

If you like these tips, you’ll love Angela’s course covering Baltic Pick-Up on the Inkle Loom.

Baltic pick-up lets you create beautiful bands by picking pattern threads up and down in a specific order. As with any new technique, it helps to have a knowledgeable teacher by your side, and Angela is here to walk you through the process. As you get going, Angela shares her tips for weaving more efficiently, keeping neat selvedges, fixing mistakes, and more. Check out a free preview of her video here.