Deb Essen

The Benefits of Weaving Samples

Many weavers have a love/hate relationship with sampling. In her latest video, Color in Weaving, Deb Essen explains why she loves sampling!

Colored Cottons—Without Dye!

I was shocked to learn that cotton grew in more colors than just white. Since then I’ve learned a lot more about naturally colored cottons and even bought a few cones of my own.

Tips & Tricks for Warping Your Loom

If you would rather weave than warp, perhaps you aren't warping in a way that makes it enjoyable. Check out what Deb Essen has learned over her weaving career.

Mapping Out Your Fiber Arts Business Plan

Need help getting your business started? Deb Essen can help you develop a business plan that will lead the way.

Spotlight: Tessitura Bevilacqua

Join author Deb Essen as she visits the Tessitura Bevilacqua Velvet Weaving workshop in Venice.

Choosing the Perfect Loom

How do you pick the perfect loom for you? Deb Essen has some suggestions!

Shadow Weave: A Tale of Two Yarns

Have you ever wondered why two yarns that looks great next to each other on the shelf combine to create a muddy mess? In her latest article, Deb Essen explains how to learn from her mistake and (not) choose colors.

Warp Therapy: Turning a Draft

Turn the overshot draft so a section of the overshot pattern became two supplemental warp stripes running the length of the scarf.

Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Shed

A clean shed while weaving is vital to a happy weaving experience. Any misbehaving threads can lead to unintentional floats that will need to be fixed. If you’re shed is suffering Deb Essen has a few fixes that might help.

Need for Speed? Turn That Draft!

Two shuttle-weaves like overshot create wonderful patterning. But you can turn any overshot weaving draft warp-wise and make it just a one-shuttle weave!

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