Deb Essen

Spring Cleaning: Clean Up Your Shed

A clean shed while weaving is vital to a happy weaving experience. Any misbehaving threads can lead to unintentional floats that will need to be fixed. If you’re shed is suffering Deb Essen has a few fixes that might help.

Need for Speed? Turn That Draft!

Two shuttle-weaves like overshot create wonderful patterning. But you can turn any overshot weaving draft warp-wise and make it just a one-shuttle weave!

Profile Drafts: Unlocking Geometric Design

Once you understand how to weave and design with profile drafts, you'll be able to translate endless geometric patterns into block weaves. Get started now!

Weaving Good Habits

Laura Fry shares her weaving techniques that will save you time and wear and tear on your body in her video The Efficient Weaver. Even an experienced weaver such as Deb Essen will learn tips they didn't know.

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