Christina Garton

Weaving and Watching: The Olympics

The Olympics are more than fun sporting events—they’re also the perfect time to weave!

Brighten Your Whites with Blue

Christina writes about an old technique to get whites looking brighter without bleach.

Weaving Up a Little Looms Picnic

Christina recommends some of her favorite Little Looms projects for a picnic.

Weaving While Neurodivergent

Christina writes about how ADHD relates to her experiences as a weaver.

Weaving a Pin-Loom Baby Blanket: Just Rip It

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and, as hard as it might be in the moment, it’s often better to just start over.

Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2022 Editorial Calendar

The 2022 Easy Weaving with Little Looms editorial calendar is finally here, so you can start plotting and planning proposals.

Weaving a Pin-Loom Baby Blanket

When Christina found herself without enough time to warp and weave on her floor loom, she turned to the pin loom to weave her son a baby blanket.

The Diné, Their Sheep, and a Tale of Survival

Nikyle Begay, a shepherd with a flock of Navajo-Churro, is also a weaver and a member of the Diné tribe.

Memory Aids and Weaving Pick-Up

My working memory is bad, so over the years I have developed methods to help me keep track of pick-up sequences.