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Christina Garton

Moving the Fell Line Forward

Sometimes it's best to advance your warp, move your fell line, and keep looking forward.

The Colors of Summer Weaving

As I began to plan my summer weaving in my head, I realized something: The summer colors that inspired me so much would make a perfect autumnal palette as well.

Bombastic Fashion

I recently realized that nearly all of my bizarre historical fashion posts have focused on women’s fashion. Today, I’d like to talk about the bizarre practice of using bombast.

I Spent Years Avoiding 10/2 Cotton, and Now I Regret It

All these years, I had avoided weaving projects for 10/2 cotton. Now, that’s all I want to weave.

Huck: A Weave for All Seasons

As Lynn Tedder writes in this article, originally published in the November/December 2018 issue of Handwoven, huck is a structure for all seasons.

The Forgotten Farthingale

The name farthingale is a corrupted version of the Spanish name for the garment, verdugado—which is appropriate, given that Catherine of Aragon is credited with bringing the farthingale to England when she came over to marry Arthur, Prince of Wales.

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Every second weekend in July, artists and artisans from around the globe arrive in Santa Fe to take part in the International Folk Art Market (IFAM). Held on Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, the market features booths from hundreds of artists.

Give Your Weaving Some Extra Oomph with Lattice Fringe

Lattice fringe is a fun and easy way to give your handwoven cloth some extra oomph.

Peacock Alley: The Once Chenille Capital of the World

While reading the excellent book The Girls of Atomic City, I was surprised to see a sentence casually mentioning that Georgia was once a hub of chenille production.

Log Cabin Reinvented

When I bought my first rigid-heddle loom, the first pattern I wanted to weave was log cabin.