Christina Garton

Two Shuttles, More to Love

The November/December 2015 issue of Handwoven was dedicated to two shuttle weaves. Some of our favorites to be sure!

Yule Logs and Tree Scarves

Sometimes it takes a lesson learned away from the loom to better understand weaving.

Hemp: America’s Crop

Our next issue of Handwoven, the January/February 2021, features two projects woven with hemp. Read how hemp has fallen in and out of favor over the ages.

Get Ready for the Holidays—Little Looms Holiday

Just because it’s still autumn doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about the winter holiday season!

Ignoring Conventional Wisdom on the Rigid-Heddle Loom

There was a time when weavers were told that rigid-heddle looms were only good for scarves and shawls—thank goodness for everyone this was proved wrong.

A Transcontinental Dye Day

Mud dyeing is simple, safe, and fun regardless what age you are.

Beauty in Soil

Weavers know inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places--including soil.

How to Keep Weaving Samples Safe (and Still Usable!)

If you or your guild has a collection of weaving samples you want to keep safe without hiding them away, Christina has some suggestions.

An Overshot Scarf Like No Other

What makes a weaving “modern?” In Barbara Mitchell’s overshot scarf it’s taking a very traditional structure and turning it on its head.

A Trio of Techniques

Leno lace, Brooks bouquet, and Danish medallions are 3 hand-manipulation techniques commonly used in weaving, especially on a rigid-heddle loom. Here’s a primer on how to do each one.