Christina Garton

A Gourd-geous Pin-Loom Pumpkin

Christina details how she wove up a cute little pin-loom pumpkin.

Dyeing Play Silks

Play silks are colorful bits of silk that children can use for open-ended play. They’re perfect for dress up, making pirate flags, and so much more. They’re also simple to dye on your own.

Weaving While Neurodivergent: On Finishing

Sometimes ADHD can make finishing even a simple project seem insurmountable. Here’s how Christina has worked with her brain to overcome this anxiety.

Dreaming of Winter

Already planning for winter and the upcoming holidays like Christina? The newest Easy Weaving with Little Looms Holiday can help you out.

More Weaving Jokes to Make You Laugh (or Groan)

More pun-tastic, reader-submitted, weaving jokes sure to make you laugh (or groan).

Weaving Jokes to Make You Smile (or Groan)

Need a laugh? Here are a few fiber-related jokes to (we hope) make you chuckle.

A Triangular Conundrum

What are the two main types of triangle-shaped looms, and how are they different?

Weaving with Fluffy Yarn on the Pin Loom

Christina gives tips and tricks for weaving with an extra-fluffy yarn on the pin loom.

Weaving a Pin-Loom Baby Blanket: Finally Finished

Christina shows off her finished baby blanket and muses on the joys of taking things slowly.