Christina Garton

How Big Should Your Napkin Be?

Christina discusses the different types of napkins and their sizes.

Fiddle with Your Selvedges

Messy selvedges are the bane of many a weaver, new and experienced alike. What is a weaver to do? Will they work out eventually on their own?

Pinning Down 2021

Christina reflects on 2021 and how she learned to stop worrying and start pin-loom weaving.

A Weaver’s Carol: The 12 Delays of Weaving

Today we’re revisiting this weaver’s carol originally published in 2012. We think it’s a theme most of us can relate to: falling in love.

Sharing the Joy of Weaving

Have young guests staying with you for the holidays? Christina shares how a warped loom and a pile of pretty yarns is a great way to keep kiddos happy during the holidays.

Media Picks from Handwoven September-October 2021

Learn about the latest and greatest weaving books with Handwoven's Media Picks department. Here's what we reviewed for the September/October 2021 issue.

Call for Submissions: Little Looms Winter 2022—Winter Reading

We're looking for projects inspired by your favorite books, as well as by the act of reading, for this literary issue of Little Looms.

Fall Into Autumn Weaving

Looking for weaving patterns to welcome in the cooler weather? Get your fall weaving inspiration here and preview the new Autumn Weaving Pattern Pack!

Colorful Shadow-Weave Napkins

When most of us think of shadow weave, we probably imagine cloth with just two colors, the light color and its darker “shadow.” Jan Barbieri's Colorful Shadow-Weave Napkins turn that idea on its head.

Joining Pin-Loom Pieces on the Loom

Joining pin-loom pieces together during weaving is quick, easy, and results in a beautiful finish.