Christina Garton

10 Weaving Things I’d Rather Do Than Stand in Line On Black Friday

The worst day weaving is still better than the best Black Friday spent fighting the crowds for a deal or two.

5 Fun (And Free) Weaving Projects: Handwoven Towels and Placemats

Handwoven placemats and towels are perfect for beginner weavers. Learn how to weave placemats and towels from these 5 FREE beautiful weaving projects.

Create a Couple of Cocktail Carpets

Jennifer Kwong’s beginner friendly Palm Springs Cocktail Carpets are a perfect example of how simple elements can combine to create complex-looking cloth.

Using Colors Sparingly but Effectively

A clever way to play with color in weaving is to use only a few colors to create more colors in the cloth.

How to Weave with Cotton: Free Cotton-Weaving Projects and Expert Tips

Learn everything about how to weave with cotton in this FREE guide on cotton weaving that includes two weaving projects and finishing techniques.

When is a Plaid a Tartan?

Are the terms plaid and tartan just different names for the same thing? Well, it's complicated!

From Guinevere to Sally Field: A History of Wimples

When European soldiers came back from the Crusades they brought back more than just spices and silks, they also brought back the hijab which was then modified into the wimple and became the must-have head wear for queens and nuns alike.

Why We Love Fair Trade

As a weaver, I understand more than ever how important fair trade is to keeping textile traditions alive around the world.

An Emerald Green to Dye For

This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s talk about the color green, specifically, the emerald-green dye put out by the Wilhelm Dye and White Lead Company.

Washing Dos and Don’ts

Did you know that common laundry detergents and softeners might be harming your handwovens? Here’s the scoop on how to wash your cloth better.

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