Notes from the Fell: Poppana

You may have seen Poppana or it's shuttles and not known what you were looking at. Tom Knisely investigated weaving with poppana strips using its special shuttles and wrote about it in "Notes from the Fell" in Handwoven May/June 22.

Warp Once, Weave Forever: Handwoven May/June 2019

Take a trip down memory lane with these new WIFs in the Handwoven Library.

Ask Madelyn: Yarns and Setts

If the sett for plain weave using 8/2 cotton is 20 epi, does that mean the sett for 16/2 cotton would be 40 epi? Madelyn explains some of the nuances of yarns and setts.

Weaving a Good Rug with Tom Knisely

Tom Knisely is a master rug-weaver, and he has lots of insights to share. Learn how to weave a rug with Tom, with a focus on good technique and materials.

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Using a Rotary Cutter to Trim Fringe

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best.

Long Thread Podcast: Linda Ligon

Season 6, Episode 1: A fanatical weaver, Linda Ligon started a newsletter at her dining room table with an electric typewriter. Decades later, she's still in love with words on paper.

The Two-Pick Trick and My Two-Plus-Two Variation!

When you are weaving only two picks of a color, hiding the ends can be, shall we say, tricky?

Handwoven Corrections 2012

Oops! While we try our best to keep our projects error-free, sometimes corrections need to be made. Here are some corrections from Handwoven, 2012.

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Layers of Air Scarf—It’s Magical!

Download this PDF of Janney Simpson’s 8-shaft deflected doubleweave scarf with shifting layers, pockets, and connections.

Paper Weaving—Intriguing and Inspiring!

Use paper weaving to learn about color combinations, color-and-weave designs, and even weave structures without worrying about warp tension, yarn choices, or setts.

Using Colors Sparingly but Effectively

A clever way to play with color in weaving is to use only a few colors to create more colors in the cloth.

A Clever Tip for Winding On

Need a new technique for your weaving tool box? Check out this video clip!

Idea Gallery: A Trio of Scrappy Projects

If cutting into handwoven cloth makes you break out in a sweat, read about these simple but fun projects that are stress free!

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A Pair of Ruanas to Make Your Own

Imitation is a form of flattery, and in weaving it pops up all the time.

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