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Looking for Variety? Blended Drafts Might be the Answer.

In these uncertain times, I’ve decided it’s best to keep weaving. I want to weave 13 towels for the summer, and to avoid boredom, I’m going to try a blended draft, but of 3 rather than 2 drafts.

Announcing the Long Thread Cares $50,000 Grant Program

We’re offering $50,000 in free digital advertising to small businesses that have been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading to learn how to apply.

Join in the Circles and Checks Weaving Fad

Susan Poague’s beautiful Circles and Checks Towels seem to have started a weaving fad. We’ve added the WIFs to our library to help you join in.

How to Weave on a Stick with Branch Weaving

Looking for an easy-yet-fulfilling craft for all skill levels? Try weaving with branches!


Video Workshop: Weave Turned Krokbragd on an Inkle Loom

Learn to use a simple inkle loom to weave delightful three-shed bands.

Video Workshop: Beginning Weaving with Tom Knisely

This course will cover the basics of multi-shaft looms, warping comfortably, planning a project using your chosen yarn, weaving tips, and much more!

Video Workshop: Tablet Weaving Made Easy

Get ready to start tablet weaving with John Mullarkey! This course will cover tips for the best tablet-weaving tools and materials, how to read a tablet-weaving draft, and so much more!


Inspiration from a Cookie Jar

Inspiration for weaving can come from anywhere: A song, a particularly lovely sunset—even a cookie jar!

All The Faults in Our Scarves

At what point in your weaving career do you stop making errors? Read on about a few that I just made.

Turning Confinement into Creativity

Like many people around the world, I’m choosing to practice social distancing. While I’m stuck at home, I’m going to use my newfound free time to take on a few of my “someday” weaving projects.

Something for Everyone in Handwoven March/April 2020

Someone once told me that experienced weavers didn’t read Handwoven. I beg to differ.

More Weaving on the Weekends

Staying in might spur you to try new techniques such as the weft color blending I used in my scarf.

Spotlight: A Color of History and Faith

In his new book True Colors (Thrums Books 2019), author Keith Recker interviews 28 artisans about their methods and their relationships to dyes. Here is an excerpt.

Going Bananas for Banana Fiber

You might think that yarn made out of banana fibers is a new thing but in fact it has been around for a long time. Liz Moncrief wove samples with it with great success.

Weaving on the Weekends

Taking a project from design through sampling and then completion is slower when you weave only on the weekends.

Cloth Inspired by Trees: Two Ways

Why publish two projects based on the same tree? While both designers cite the birch tree as their inspiration, the different ways they each interpreted bark as cloth is absolutely fascinating.

Palaka: Hawaii's Own Plaid

An iconic plaid fabric, palaka is known as Hawaii's plaid. Hawaii's history and palaka's history are intertwined.