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Idea Gallery: Using a Warp as a Blank Canvas

One way to design with mulitple colors is to start with a neutral base and add colors to it but it helps to have a plan..

Notes from the Fell: A Stash of Memories

We all have cones and skeins of yarn that have stories that make them too special to use in just any project.

A Handwoven Chasuble and Stole to Thank a Priest

Read how Diane came up with an idea for weaving and sewing a chasuble and stole for a young priest from the region where she lives in Italy. It’s an unusual story, but one worth telling.

Call for Submissions for 2021 Easy Weaving with Little Looms

For the 2021 Little Looms, we wanted a theme that would be specific enough to inspire designers while being general enough to appeal to almost everyone. And so the This & That issue was born.


Video Workshop: Beginning Weaving with Tom Knisely

This course will cover the basics of multi-shaft looms, warping comfortably, planning a project using your chosen yarn, weaving tips, and much more!

Video Workshop: Tablet Weaving Made Easy

Get ready to start tablet weaving with John Mullarkey! This course will cover tips for the best tablet-weaving tools and materials, how to read a tablet-weaving draft, and so much more!

Video Workshop: Expressive Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

In this course, join Esther Rodgers and learn a variety of techniques and effects to expand your creativity and enjoyment of weaving on a rigid heddle loom.


Celebrating with Schacht

The Schacht Spindle Company's 50th anniversary party was a fitting celebration for a company that started from the ground up with a simple drop spindle and a primitive loom.

Weaving as Protest

In their new exhibit, IMPACT: Climate Change, members of Tapestry Weavers West (TWW) and Tapestry Weavers in New England (TWiNE) showcase woven works focusing on the artists’ concerns related to climate change and how it affects the natural environment.

Working Out a Weaving Obsession

From towels with randomly spaced raised twill and plain-weave stripes to napkins with a more complex repeat of raised twill and plain-weave stripes, I had to design and weave the same structure multiple times to fully understand it.

The Romantic Weaving Movie

Weaving is missing from the romantic movie genre. We need to fix that.

Editorial Calendar for Handwoven and Easy Weaving with Little Looms 2021

Start your weaving engines! Here is the editorial calendar for 2021.

Call For Submissions: Handwoven January/February 2021 – Yarns With Impact

I doubt we can fix any of the world’s problems with weaving, but maybe we can weave in a way that has a positive impact on our world.

Italian Silk Noil: A Textured Silk Road

Long, lustrous fibers define the usual description of silk. Defying tradition, GIST Yarn & Fiber’s Italian Silk Noil travels a different road to warm, soft, textured fabrics.

Repair Heddles: Stop Twisting Yourself into a Pretzel!

There are several ways to make repair heddles. Here are two you might want to add to your repertoire.

Sorry, Not Sari

Indian fashion is far more than just saris. Learn about a few of the other Indian garments you might see in movies or read about in books.

The Musk Ox Farm: Magnificent Mammals, Fantastic Fiber

Take a step inside the Musk Ox Farm outside of Palmer, Alaska and learn a bit more about the majestic musk ox and its coveted fiber.