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Weaving with Fluffy Yarn on the Pin Loom

Christina gives tips and tricks for weaving with an extra-fluffy yarn on the pin loom.

Towel to Tote: Precious to Functional

For newer weavers, using a handwoven dishtowel can be scary. Here is one solution for turning precious into functional without the fear factor.

Long Thread Podcast: Amy D. McKnight

Season 3, Episode 2: Love the loom you have, says motivational, inspirational weaver Amy D. McKnight.

Weaving a Pin-Loom Baby Blanket: Finally Finished

Christina shows off her finished baby blanket and muses on the joys of taking things slowly.

What I Wove On My Summer Vacation

Consider taking your weaving with you this summer as Anita did when she took an inkle loom to family camp.

Weaving and Watching: The Olympics

The Olympics are more than fun sporting events—they’re also the perfect time to weave!

The Origin of the Modern-Day Yoga Mat

Yoga hasn't always be practiced on a fancy rubber mat.

How Do You Know Unless You Try?

John Mullarkey has a curiosity about weaving that makes him a great teacher and designer. He is always ready to see what will happen if he tries something new.

Designing for Handwoven and Little Looms: From Idea to Project

Follow along with Barbara as she explains her process of moving from weaving idea to design.