Anita Osterhaug

The Legacy of Bertha Gray Hayes

Today’s weavers owe much to the early 20th-century giants who revived handweaving. If you’ve ever woven a miniature overshot, you can probably thank Bertha Gray Hayes.

Fun and Fashionable Weaving

The January/February 2017 issue of Handwoven explores the possibilities of stress-free weaving with fancy yarns and the many ways they can kickstart our creativity.

Season’s Weavings

My weaving adventures for the year are always part of the letter, although I limit that part lest my relatives’ eyes glaze over. But it’s been a good weaving year for me.

Rags to Riches

Turn rags into handwoven riches.

Oh, Baby! Weaving Wide Cloth on Small Looms

What do you do if you want to weave a project wider than your loom? You can use doubleweave, or a unique technique from Sara Bixler. Learn more here!

Weaving Expectations

Sometimes less is more, especially during the holiday season.

What Would Mary Meigs Atwater Blog?

You may feel the fellowship of weavers past as you start your own projects.

Cut From Whole Cloth

You don't have to be an expert seamstress to be able to sew with handwoven fabric.

Never Out of Style

Anita muses about how on trend weaving is.

Adventures of the Loom and Soul

For me, weaving is always an adventure, sometimes because I head off into uncharted territory and sometimes because I end up in unintended places. But some weaves are adventures in themselves.