Anita Osterhaug

Transcendental Weaving

Slow weaving brings a unique peacefulness to life.

Cooking at the Loom

You don't always cook by a recipe but you use them for inspiration. Anita talks about how she uses weaving projects from books and magazines as her "weaving recipes".

Weaving in Heavenly Peace

Adjust your holiday weaving plans - you'll enjoy the season more.

Living With Looms

Tom Knisely loves looms so much he wanted to share their care in a video.

Freedom in Simplicity

Read what Betty Davenport has to say about her love of the rigid-heddle loom.

One Thread at a Time

The March/April 2012 issue is full of beautiful weaving using plant fibers.

Free Blanket and Throw Patterns from Weaving Today

A free downloadable book of patterns for blankets and throws.

Free Handwoven Bag Projects

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