Make Sock Yarn Sing with the Serendipity Scarf

Got some sock yarn that wants to be a scarf? Download this free pattern by Joan Sheridan for 2-shaft or rigid-heddle looms.

Ask Madelyn: Which Loom is for You?

How do I find out what loom I should get?

Twisting Fringe on a Mixed-Warp Shawl

After realizing I didn’t like the untwisted fringe on a shawl, I set about twisting it and in the process learned a new-to-me way of making fringe even.

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From Guinevere to Sally Field: A History of Wimples

When European soldiers came back from the Crusades they brought back more than just spices and silks, they also brought back the hijab which was then modified into the wimple and became the must-have head wear for queens and nuns alike.

Ask Madelyn: Sizes for Table Runners

I have decided to embark on a table runner for my niece. What size do you recommend? Also, what cotton yarn do recommend for table runners?

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Yarn Lab: A Luscious Blend from Sanjo Silk

Liz Moncrief sampled with Sanjo Silk's Silk Linen, a yarn she was already a fan of. Her sampling solidified her love for this beautiful blend.

Ask Madelyn: Is there a correct tabby shuttle order?

I have always followed a certain rule for using the tabby weft in supplementary-weft structures such as overshot and summer and winter: Throw the tabby pick before the pattern pick. Please tell me the reason for this.

Twills from Two Perspectives

As a tech editor, Bettie has a bird’s eye view of projects while she is working on a magazine issue, but it isn’t until she gets her own copy of the magazine that she fully appreciates them.

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Planning a Weaving Project: Part 2

Balance in weaving has multiple meanings. You can balance a design or a draft, and you can weave balanced weave. Susan and Melissa break it all down in this second part of the series.

Ask Madelyn: Dimensions of a Scarf: How to Determine Scarf Length

Expert Madelyn van der Hoogt discusses how to determine scarf length when weaving a project for another person as well as the types of fabric you should use based on the scarf's intent

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Planning A Weaving Project: Part 1

Planning a project from scratch can feel daunting, but if you break it into steps, it is easier than you might think.

Designing Handwoven Garments on the Loom You Have

Every loom has its limits, but that needn’t stop you from making attractive handwoven garments.

Pleasure in the Making and Not in the Having

Why do many of us weave projects that don’t fit our lives?

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