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Windows and Shadows Shawl

Here is a pdf download of the pattern for this beautiful shawl by Jannie Taylor that combines spaces in the warp and weft with shadow weave to great effect.

Handwoven Editors May 3, 2022 - 3 min read

Windows and Shadows Shawl Primary Image

Jannie Taylor added spaces in her warp and weft to add yet another dimension to her her Windows and Shadows Shawl from Handwoven Jan/Feb 2012. Photo by Joe Coca

Editor's Note: Still in the mode of thinking about shadow weave because of the two recently released video courses featuring Jannie Taylor, Introduction to Shadow Weave and Designing Shadow Weave, we found a beautiful shawl project by Jannie in the January/February 2012 issue of Handwoven that combines shadow weave with spaces in the warp and weft. Those spaces add mystery to the patterning in the fabric and a lightness to the shawl overall. Two drafts for the shawl are included in the project, one for a 4-shaft version and one for the original 8-shaft version.

Inspiration from Designer Jannie Taylor

Shadow weave has played a major role in my weaving life for over twenty years. These “Windows and Shadows” shawls take advantage of shadow weave’s alternating colors and optical effects.

In 1981, I had been weaving for about five years and was looking for something new to weave on my 4-shaft loom. Someone suggested I try shadow weave. I had no idea that this suggestion would lead me to take the first step in an exploration that continues to this day. Just about every project I designed for the next several years ended up being in shadow weave. Every time I thought about a project, it somehow had to be in shadow weave—from scarves and jackets to placemats and napkins—in colors both high and low in contrast.

I did finally move on to other weaves, but every once in a while I just have to design something new in shadow weave. The Windows and Shadows shawls are the end result of a problem that I had been thinking about for some time: How to combine lightness and warmth with an interplay of color in something fun to wear. With the shawls, I consider the problem solved!

~ Jannie

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