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Oh Baby: Blankets, Wraps, Toys, and More to Weave

Thirteen delightful, sweet, and inspired projects to celebrate the bundles of joy in your life

Handwoven Editors Apr 22, 2024 - 4 min read

Oh Baby: Blankets, Wraps, Toys, and More to Weave Primary Image

The tiny motifs on the Hearts and Petals Baby Bibs shine like jewels. Photos by Joe Coca

When a baby is on the way, weavers who want to beat the clock know that they need to get a warp on the loom fast! If you find yourself looking for weaving inspiration for a little one, Handwoven‘s Design Collection 14: Weaving for Baby eBook includes a baker‘s dozen of adorable blankets, toys, clothing, and more.

At top, Jan Adams designed the tiny motifs on her delightful Heart and Petals Baby Bibs on graph paper. Using unbleached, unmercerized cotton in the background creates a homespun look and makes the embroidery floss figures shine like little jewels.

Below, dancing figures, houses, and flowers make Noné Redmond‘s Helston Furry Dance Blanket come alive. The ten-shaft summer & winter design was inspired by an English country dance Noné learned as a girl. This piece was a winner in Handwoven‘s Great Cover-Up Contest.

Weave a storybook blanket complete with dancing figures with the Helston Furry Dance Blanket pattern.

What delights a child more than soft, bright toys? Janice Jones‘s Red Riding Hood Doll Set was inspired by an original design by Clara Pinkham. A single warp is used to weave the three dolls and the carrying bag. And Kris Noble‘s Baby‘s Clutch Ball is sure to be a favorite. The fabric is woven in a plain-weave plaid, and the sections of the ball are constructed from the resulting color combinations.

Baby‘s Clutch Ball, plus the Red Riding Hood Doll Set, make for toys to be treasured.

A music box hides in the center of this delightful Music Pillow designed and woven by Jane Patrick in a point-twill pattern. Jane followed the diamonds in the weave structure to embroider the cross-stitch design.

The woven and embroidered Music Pillow will surely lead to sweet dreams.

Spot Bronson woven on a cotton warp with a silk weft gives an elegant texture to Luke‘s Christening Gown, designed and woven by Louetta Kambic. Ladder hemstitching and a change in the treadling sequence create the simple border design.

Luke‘s Christening Gown will be your special baby‘s first heirloom.

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Also included in this book:
• Ann Walker Budd‘s Windowpane Baby Sweater, in a three-shaft waffle weave
• Carol Strickler‘s Primary Blocks Wall Hanging, in double-weave pick-up
• Mary Berent‘s Dish Towel Animals, in plain weave with twill stripes
• Katie Bloomfield‘s Rosepath Baby Blanket, in a subtle plaid twill
• Diane Wallihan‘s Baby‘s Rainbow blanket, in plain weave with turned spots
• Ilse Brake‘s Pastel Baby Wrap, in plain weave and double weave
• Suzanne Smith‘s Cotton Kimono Jacket, in a subtle Bronson lace with pinstripes and a contrasting trim

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