Taming the Woven Edge

Weavers the world over always worry about their selvedges! Here’s some tips from former posts.

Handwoven Editors Jan 8, 2024 - 2 min read

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Another selvedge trick, camoflage! Matching the weft and the edge of your weaving can help hide a rough edge. Photo by Katrina King

A constant question that plagues all skill levels of weavers is how to maintain that straight selvedge along the edge of your woven cloth. We are here to help with a roundup of some of our favorite articles that discuss the selvedge beast!

Do More Threads Help?

Madelyn answers the question of having a denser sett along your selvedge edge to keep them neat.
Ask Madelyn: Dense Sett for Better Selvedges?

Ask Madelyn header 2Photo by Matt Graves

It Takes Practice

Having taught many beginning weavers and seeing their frustration with selvedges, Susan reminds us that with any new hobby we need time and practice.
How to Fix Your Selvedges and Achieve an Even Beat

blanket<em>header</em>800<em>x</em>400Photo by Susan E. Horton

Pay Attention

Christina found that messing with or being more mindful with her weaving process overall helps with keeping a neat edge.
Fiddle with Your Selvedges

Bertha-HeaderPhoto by Joe Coca

Getting Loose

Sometimes no matter what we do that selvedge thread starts to bubble and smile at us, knowing it is causing trouble. Madelyn talks about how to tame that edge.
Ask Madelyn: Fixing Smiling Selvedges

Ask Madelyn header 2Photo by Matt Graves

Managing Two Shuttles

In this article, Susan shows how to keep a straight edge working with two shuttles.
Better Selvedges for Two Shuttle Weaving

IntroShadowWeave 09 Weaving Shadow Weave.mp4.01 02 35 20.Still003Photo from the “Introduction to Shadow Weave” video

What are your tips and tricks for taming the selvedge? Does it vary with the type of yarn you are using or the weaving technique? Share your thoughts with us here.