Long Thread Podcast: Rebecca Mezoff

Season 2, Episode 6: A teacher and artist on how she makes magic carpets as a tapestry weaver

Anne Merrow Apr 9, 2021 - 2 min read

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There may be no other type of textile that is more art and craft at the same time than tapestry weaving. Tapestry allows the weaver to create images with simple tools, but the skills and materials in tapestry are generally hard-wearing. You might find a tapestry on the floor as a rug as often as on a wall as a piece of art.

Rebecca Mezoff became a tapestry weaver as an adult after a career in occupational therapy, finding that it suited her artistically and let her use other skills she loved, such as teaching, dyeing, and spinning. She weaves very large pieces in her studio and very small pieces in outdoor spaces that she explores with a small handheld loom.

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In addition to teaching in person and online, she is the author of two books.


The Art of Tapestry Weaving
Untangled: A Crafty Sheep’s Guide to Tapestry Weaving
Online classes
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