Anne Merrow

Long Thread Podcast: Deb Essen

Season 7, Episode 10: From the simplest pin loom to the most complex draw loom, designer and teacher Deb Essen explores the structures and surprises of handweaving.

Long Thread Podcast: Daryl Lancaster

Season 7, Episode 5: From her childhood sewing beside her tailor mother to decades teaching weavers to make great garments, Daryl Lancaster has never had a bad day at the sewing machine—and she says you shouldn't fear the scissors.

Long Thread Podcast: Linda Ligon

Season 6, Episode 1: A fanatical weaver, Linda Ligon started a newsletter at her dining room table with an electric typewriter. Decades later, she's still in love with words on paper.

Long Thread Podcast: Marcia Young

Season 5, Episode 9: From a newsletter built on her kitchen table to stewardship of a list of craft books, Marcia Young's craft medium is independent media.

Long Thread Podcast: Kris Bruland

Season 5, Episode 4: Begun as a side project, is a weaving draft library, collection of weaving software tools, archive of historic textile material, and weaving community—and Kris Bruland keeps looking for new ways to improve it.

Long Thread Podcast: Catharine Ellis

Season 5, Episode 7: Inspired by a class in traditional stitched shibori, Catharine Ellis put her own spin on the ancient resist-dye technique: using a loom to create a pattern for gathering, dyeing, and revealing a design on handwoven cloth.

Weave a Wonderland of WIFs:

Whether you're looking for simple but powerful weaving software, an enormous collection of unique WIFs, or a creative set of draft editors, invites you to choose your own weaving adventure.

Long Thread Podcast: Michael Cook

Season 5, Episode 2: If you're interested in raising, reeling, or working with silk from moth species around the world, you will find your way to Wormspit. Michael Cook's explorations of sericulture bring this Stone Age technology into modern hands.

Long Thread Podcast: Amy Norris

In our lifetime, computers have connected artists to each other and opened a world of design possibilities. But although she's a leader in digital connections and explorations, Amy Norris is committed to the support of the weaving community's foundations.

Long Thread Podcast: Jennifer Moore

Season 4, Episode 5: From her first encounter with doubleweave, Jennifer Moore was enchanted. The structure has not only formed her art practice and teaching repertoire but also led her to the heights of the Andes and the history of pre-Columbian art.